On Monday, May 22nd from 1:00-4:30pm, CCAW is hosting its inaugural Judicial Track, offering CJEs and open to judges across the country. This track includes: 

1:00-2:30pm:  Assessing Risk from the Bench: Innovative Strategies for Judges (3 FV CJEs)

Rebecca Thomforde Hauser, Center for Court Innovation
Hon. Roberto Cañas, Dallas Co. Criminal Court No. 10

Researchers have recently identified factors associated with higher risk of lethality or re-offense at the hands of an intimate partner, but assessing risk in domestic violence cases can be a challenge. Factors such as possession of a weapon and dissolution of the relationship are dynamic and fluctuating, agencies may be operating with limited information, and self-represented litigants may not have a full understanding of their own risk or the remedies available. What is the court’s role in identifying risk in these cases? How can the court incorporate evidence-based best practice to better serve marginalized and self-represented litigants? CCI has created two tools to address these concerns: the DV Risk Factor Guide for Civil Judges and the DV Risk Factor Guide for Self-Represented Litigants. This session will describe the social science behind risk assessment and procedural justice and offer these tools and suggestions for court-based risk assessments.

3:00-4:30pm:  Ethics for Judges in Family Violence Cases (3 Ethics CJEs)

Hon. Brandon Birmingham, 292nd Judicial District Court
Hon. Roberto Cañas, Dallas Co. Criminal Court No. 10
Dana Nelson, Texas Legal Services Center

When may a victim in an IPV case need their own attorney? What about those recantations? When and how long are protective orders in criminal cases issued? How, when and should a judge account for the safety of a victim? Ethics for judges take on new dimensions in family violence cases. This lively and interactive workshop will use scenarios common for these cases. Attendees will discuss the issues raised through scenarios encountered regularly and review the statutes and case law that guide conduct. The presenters will focus on discovery obligations, victim representation, pseudonyms, ex parte communication, and accounting for victim safety. The law provides lots of answers but leaves some issues unaddressed. Bring your dilemmas and let's figure it out.


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