2018 Accreditation for the 13th Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women 

State Bar of Texas (MCLE)

  • Up to a maximum of 21 MCLE Participatory Hours , of which 6 are Ethics hours.

  • The Title of the CLE Activity is: 12th Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women

  • The Course Number is 901374515.

  • You must sign in at the accreditation table located in the Lone Star Ballroom Foyer on the 2nd floor of the conference center by the close of the conference with total hours earned and your bar card number.

  • You must also sign in to each session you attend.

  • Eligible sessions:

    • Assessing Risk from the Bench: Innovative Strategies for Judges

    • Asylum Law: Protection for Immigrant Women Fleeing Domestic Violence in Their Home Countries

    • Best Practices in Protective Orders

    • Co-Charging Stalking: Enhancing Sexual Assault Prosecutions

    • Countering Witness Intimidation

    • Creating a Coordinated Sexual Assault Investigative Response

    • Desensitized to Death

    • Ethical Considerations for Prosecutors in Gender-Based Violence & Human Trafficking Cases

    • Ethics in Family Violence Cases

    • Ethics for Judges in Family Violence Cases

    • Ethics & Risk Management

    • Forensic Experimental Trauma Interview

    • Hunting the Red Bird Rapist

    • Immigration & Law Enforcement Tools for Working with Victims

    • Intimate Partner Violence & Military Sexual Trauma

    • Investigating with an Evidence-Based Prosecution in Mind

    • Investigation of Non-Stranger Sexual Assault

    • It’s About Context, Not Character

    • Mobile Device Evidence Preservation and Data Extraction

    • Orders of Nondisclosure for Survivors of Human Trafficking

    • Prosecuting Human Trafficking Cases

    • Prosecuting the Boy Next Door

    • Taking on the Tough Sexual Assault Case

    • Take out the Drama, Bring in the Trauma

    • Tell Me How You Really Feel

    • Tough Decisions

    • Translating Doubt into Conviction

    • Understanding the Crime Scene in Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases

    • Walking the Line


All conference attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion via email following the conference. For those professionals who submit training information directly to the agency director / supervisor to receive credit for training, such as probation officers, we have confirmed that a Certificate of Completion is the only documentation you will need. If you have any questions about whether you are eligible to receive continuing education credit by attending this conference, please contact:
Becky Park at director@conferencecaw.org or call 214-389-7773.