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Sessions with Media Access

Workshop Descriptions, Computer Lab Descriptions

Advanced Safety Planning
The Art of Perception: Rethinking How We See
Beyond "Just the Facts, Ma'am": Trauma-Informed Response to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Crimes
Clery Act: New Requirements of the Violence Against Women Act and Intersections with Title IX
The Crime of Sex Trafficking & Its Impact On Victims
Cultural Considerations for Working with Latin@ Victims of Abuse
Deception Detection: Improve Your Interview Skills
Desensitized to Death: The Lethality, Assessment, & Prosecution of Strangulation
Development of the LAP (Lethality Assessment Program) and the Oklahoma LAP Evaluation
Did I Want It?: Negotiating Arousal in Sexual Assault Cases
The Dog That Didn't Bark in the Night
Domestic Violence Fatality Review: The Montana Model
Domestic Violence Homicides as a Major Cause of Maternal Mortality
Engender Gender: From Trauma to Opportunity across the Trans* Spectrum
Escalation Workshop
*COMPUTER LAB* EXIF Data & USB Info: Taking Your Investigation to the Next Level
A Faithful Response to Domestic Violence
Family Violence Ethics
Field Search Lab
Forensic Evaluation of Gunshot Wounds: Applications for Domestic and Officer-Involved Shootings
From the Forensic Laboratory: Technology, Techniques, and Practices
Genesis Trauma Approach
Getting Grants
How One Case Can Change an Office
How to Spot a Pimp 
Interviewing Across Cultures: Those Hard Talks about Violence Against Women
Investigating Human Trafficking Using DNA
The Justice Legal Network: An Innovative Approach to Providing Legal Services to Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Living with the Memories
Long-Term Consequences of Strangulation: PTSD, Brain Injury, Strokes and Much More. Oh My!
A Medical Examiner's Role in Domestic Violence Homicides
Men's Leadership in Gender Violence Prevention: A Social Justice Imperative
Missing and Presumed Dead: The Murder of Kelsey Miller
Mock Review: Domestic Violence Fatality Review
My Body...My Life: Empowering Women through Awareness, Education, Violence Prevention and Self-Defense Techniques
Protecting Yourself in a Digital World
REAL Men: Empowering Men through Awareness, Education, Respect, Communication and Violence Prevention
"Revenge Porn": Prosecution Strategies Develop Across the Country
A Revolution in Trauma-Informed Response: Victim Interview How To's
Report to the Court for Police Officers: Maximizing Effectiveness and Minimizing Stress
Sex Trafficking in Plain Sight - Film Festival
Sexual Assault 101
Statutory Rape: Lust & the Law in the Multicultural U.S.
Stealth Abuse of College Students: Challenging Coercive Control on Campus
Suffer from Burnout, Give 'em the F.I.N.G.E.R.!
*COMPUTER LAB* Tracing Email Communication
Tricks and Traps of Human Trafficking Prosecution
Understanding the Crime Scene in Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases
Unmasking the Sexual Offender
Violence Against Women in Indian Country
Violence and God
Why Violence Happens When Warriors Come Home: Family, Clinical, and Legal Perspectives

Presenter Interview Opportunities
Margaret Bassett
Noël Busch-Armendariz
Christopher Baughman
Justin Boardman
Hedi Bogda
Jessica Brazeal
Seanna Bruno
Jacquelyn Campbell
Jeff Case
Matthew Dale
Amanda Elkanick
Lisa Aronson Fontes
Bryan Franke
Kathleen Gann
Teresa Garvey
Lisa Gelber
Rocky Gregory
Ruth Guerreiro
Michael Heidingsfield
Amy Herman
Anne Jackson
Michael L. Jackson
Jackson Katz
Donna Kelly
Jordyn Lawson
Mary Lentschke
Kelsey McKay
Kirsta Melton
Brian Meyer
Brandi Mitchell
Robert Moore
Dana Nelson
Shannon O'Brien
Andrew Pari
Michael Peck
Amy Pollpeter
Patricia Powers
Darein Quattlebaum-Moore
Manny Reyes
Zoe Skinner
Bill Smock
Dolores Stafford
Gael Strack
Caitlin Sulley
Jon Sundermeier
Jim Tanner
Monica Urbaniak
Viviana Urdaneta
Veronique Valliere
Jenny Williamson
Mark Yarbrough
Andrea Zaferes

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