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Abductions & Exploitation on College Campuses
Jim Walters

Abusive Minds Think Alike
Carrie Paschall, Kristen Howell

Animals & Domestic Violence: Another Tool of Manipulation
Kelsey McKay, Maya Gupta

Art of Interrogation: A 360 Perspective
Kevin Navarro

Assessing Risk from the Bench: Innovative Strategies for Judges
Rebecca Thomforde Hauser, Rob Canas

Asylum Law: Protection for Immigrant Women Fleeing Domestic Violence in Their Home Countries
Patricia Freshwater

Barber of San Marcos: Lessons Learned on Jealousy, Sexual Assault, Strangulation, and Waterboarding (NO PHOTOS)
Allyson Cordoni, Brian Erskine, Janie Duke Mott

Best Practices in Protective Orders
Bronwyn Blake, Amanda Elkanick

Beyond Convictions to Collaboration: How Community Prosecution Can Help Your Office
Tiana Sanford

Body Worn Cameras: Practical Considerations in Domestic Violence Cases
John Wilkinson, Staley Heatly

Brain on Trauma: Physiological Cues to Understanding and Working with Trafficking Survivors
Naomi Azar

Building a Coordinated Community Response
Mark Wynn

Changing Police Culture Surrounding Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
Jon Sundermeier

Changing the Destinies of Survivors with High ACE Scores
Casey Gwinn

Cheerleading for Your CCR: Leading an Effective & Sustainable Team
Mark Wynn

Closing the Door on Illicit Massage Businesses: Holding Traffickers Accountable
Jane Anderson, Rochelle Keyhan

Co-Charging Stalking: Enhancing Sexual Assault Prosecutions
Elaina Roberts

Community Supervision of Family Violence Offenders
Misty Biddick

Conversation on Abuse Myths & Misconceptions with A Woman Who Survived
Leslie Morgan Steiner

Coordinated Community Response Between Military and Civilian Community to End Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault
Amanda Elkanick, Brian Clubb, Bronwyn Blake

Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking: Claiming Your Seat at the Anti-Trafficking Table
Becky Bullard

Countering Witness Intimidation: Forfeiture by Wrongdoing (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Jane Anderson, John Wilkinson

Creating a Specialized Sexual Assault Investigative Response
Jordan Satinsky

Crime of Domestic Violence: A Video Training Tool
Michael Rizzo, Mark Wynn

Critical & Common Intersection: Domestic Violence in Faith Communities
Jessica Brazeal, Omar Suleiman, Cathy Moffitt, Howard Wolk

Cultural Accessibility: Considerations for Serving Victims who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Keri Darling

Culture Counts: The Intersection of Pimp Culture, Pornography, Prostitution & Human Trafficking (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Kirsta Melton

Jim Tanner

Desensitized to Death: Understanding & Prosecuting Strangulation (NO PHOTOS)
Kelsey McKay, Jaime Slaughter

Different Response to Intimate Partner Violence: Offender-Focused Domestic Violence Initiative
Kenneth Shultz, Timothy Ellenberger

DNA for Those Who Don't Have a Science Degree
Lisa Tanner

Domestic Violence and Mental Health: Facilitating Safety and Change for Survivors
Barbie Brashear

Emergency Elder Abuse Shelter: A Replicable Model
Tovah Kasdin, Joy Solomon

Employment Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Robin Runge, Gabriela Vega

Ethical Considerations for Prosecutors in Gender-Based Violence & Human Trafficking Cases (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Jane Anderson, John Wilkinson

Ethics in Family Violence Cases
Dana Nelson

Evidence Collection & Forensic Photography (NO PHOTOS)
Sheilah Priori

Faith & Culture: Domestic Violence in African American Relationships
Sharon Ellis Davis

Family Violence & the Telecommunication Professional: Are We Doing the Best We Can?
Judy Cervenka

Finding the Hidden Crime: Human Trafficking
Bill Bernstein, Marisa Miller

First Line Supervisors' Response to Violence Against Women
Mark Wynn

Foreign Language Interpreting in Our Work
Lisa Fontes

Forensic Evaluation of Gunshot Wounds: Applications for Domestic & Officer-Involved Shootings
Bill Smock

Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview: A Trauma-Informed Experience
Russell Strand

Friend or Foe: Roles of Law Enforcement & SANEs Working Side-by-Side
Kathleen Gann, Kim Basinger

Genesis Trauma Approach
Ruth Guerreiro, Jordyn Lawson

Getting Grants
Jim Tanner

History of Violence Against Native Women: What Law Enforcement & Prosecutors Need to Know
Sarah Deer

How Bias and Prejudice Prevent Help Seeking by Survivors of Color (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Gretta Gardner

How One Case Changed an Office
Staley Heatly, Jeff Case

Hunting the Red Bird Rapist: How Dallas Caught & Convicted a Serial Rapist without Forensic Evidence
Leighton D'Antoni, Amy Derrick, Todd  Haecker

Identifying and Responding to Human Trafficking in a Medical Setting
Becky Bullard

Illusion of Choice
Rebecca Bender, Rebekah Charleston

In Her Shoes: Living with Domestic Violence
Amy Jones

In Her Shoes: Living with Domestic Violence Below the Poverty Line
Amy Jones

In Her Shoes: Living with Teen Dating Violence
Amy Jones

Integrating Identity Theft Safety Planning into Your Work with Survivors
Merry O'Brien, Bridgette Stumpf

Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma: Understanding Parent-Child Relational Dynamics in the Aftermath of Human Trafficking
Naomi Azar

Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence & HIV: Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Diane Reeve, Curtis Howard, Tonia Cunningham

Intimate Partner Campus Homicides: What Can We Learn About Prevention and Education?
Lisa Smith

Intimate Partner Violence and Military Sexual Trauma in Veteran Treatment Courts
Amanda Elkanick, Brian Clubb

Intimate Partner Violence in a Digital Age (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Erica Olsen, Corbin Streett

Investigating Intimate Partner Violence in the LGBTQ Community (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Michael Crumrine

Investigating with an Evidence-Based Prosecution in Mind (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Nancy Oglesby, Michael Milnor

Investigation of Non-Stranger Sexual Assault (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Nancy Oglesby, Michael Milnor

Islam, Domestic Violence, & Unique Considerations When Dealing with Muslim Victims
Omar Suleiman

It's About Context, Not Character: Admitting Evidence Under R. 404(b) (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Jane Anderson, John Wilkinson

It's on Us: Changing the Culture
Jenn Brown

Lessons Learned from Implementing the Blueprint for Sexual Assault Response
Caitlin Sulley, Maggy McGiffert, Ruben Puente

Lethality Assessment Program, Maryland Model: Successes, Implementation, & Special Considerations for Body-Worn Cameras
Kristine Chapman, Whitt Melton

Living with The Memories (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Jim Tanner

Look at Campus Sexual Assault & Reporting Requirements
Amanda Elkanick, Bronwyn Blake

Ministry with Survivors of Abuse: Building a Program in Your Faith Community
Hillary Owen, Jessica Brazeal

Offender Accountability: A Systems Perspective
Jim Henderson

One Love "Escalation" Screening
Zoë Skinner

One Love Lunch: Escalation
Zoë Skinner

One Size Does Not Fit All: Unique Gun Surrender Solutions
David Keck, Rob Canas, Jennifer Waindle, James Granucci

Orders of Nondisclosure for Survivors of Human Trafficking
Natalie Nanasi

Overcoming Coercive Control in Intimate Relationships
Lisa Fontes

Partnering with the NYPD: An Innovative Trauma-Informed & Client-Centered Approach at the Precinct Level
Maureen Curtis, Wanda Lucibello, Krista Ashbery

Pimp Life: The Anatomy of a Pimp (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Cara Pierce

Polishing the Process of Trauma-Informed Forensic Nursing
Rachel Fischer

Prosecuting the Boy Next Door
Kara Comte, Jessica Escue

Protecting Yourself in a Digital World
Jim Tanner

Race, Class, & Gender: The Impact of Gender Entrapment on African American Women
Sharon Ellis Davis

Rape Culture in America: Real or Imagined?
Amy Jones

Stress First Aid & Emotional Survival
Matt Hagan, Cliff Self

Successfully Identifying and Acquiring Electronic Evidence to Combat the CSI Effect (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Michael Crumrine

Suffer from Burnout? Give 'em the F.I.N.G.E.R.!
Mark Yarbrough

Take Out the Drama, Bring in the Trauma: How to Convert Challenges into Convictions (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Kelsey McKay, Russell Strand

Taking on the Tough Sexual Assault Case: Moving Beyond Unreasonable Doubt
Russell Strand

Tell Me How You Really Feel: Jury Selection in Cases Involving Crimes Against Women
Tiana Sanford

Title IX Investigations 101
Brandy Davis

Translating Doubt into Conviction Through the Strategic Use of Expert Witnesses
Margaret Bassett, Noel Busch-Armendariz, Melissa Hamilton

Understanding & Investigating Technology Misuse (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Erica Olsen, Bryan Franke

Understanding the Crime Scene in Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases
Casey Gwinn, Kelsey McKay, Bill Smock, Jaime Slaughter

Unidentified Victim on Probation
Jim Henderson

Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills with Victims of Violence (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Michele Galietta

Using Neurofeedback to Treat Domestic Violence Brain Injuries (NO AUDIO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS)
Joshua Brown, Peggy Wright

Voluntary Intoxication: It's Not Consent for Sex, You Know!
Russell Strand

Walking in Her Shoes
Leah Rogers, Christi Decoufle

What You Should Expect from an Effective On-Scene Investigation
Mark Wynn

Why Violence Happens When Veterans Come Home: Veteran, Spouse & Legal Perspectives
Michael Jackson, Anne Jackson


(All speaker bios can be found HERE.)

Andrea Aguilar, RAICES

Jane Anderson, AEquitas

Peter Angell, FBI Miami

Naomi Azar, The Trauma Center, Project REACH

Kim Basinger, S.A.F.E. Solutions

Margaret Bassett, Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Rebecca Bender, Rebecca Bender Initiative

Bill Bernstein, Mosaic Family Services

Misty Biddick, Aware Central Texas

Brandon Birmingham, 292nd Judicial District Court

Bronwyn Blake, Texas Advocacy Project

Barbie Brashear, Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

Jessica Brazeal, Highland Park United Methodist Church: Restoration Ministries

Jenn Brown, Civic Nation

Joshua Brown, Fort Bend Women's Center

Becky Bullard, Consultant

Noël Busch-Armendariz, The University of Texas at Austin

Rob Cañas, Dallas County Criminal Court #10

Jeff Case, 46th Judicial District Attorney's Office

Judy Cervenka, Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office/Gus George Law Enforcement Academy

Kristine Chapman, Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence

Rebekah Charleston, Rebekah Speaks Out

Brian Clubb, Battered Women's Justice Project

Kara Comte, Brazos County District Attorney's Office

Allyson Cordoni, SART of Comal County, SOW Healthy Coalition

Michael Crumrine, Austin Police Department

Tonia Cunningham, Frisco Police Department

Maureen Curtis, Safe Horizon

Leighton D'Antoni, Dallas County District Attorney's Office

Keri Darling, Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services

Brandy Davis, University of Texas at Dallas

Christi Decoufle, FBI Human Trafficking Task Force & Phoenix Police Department

Sarah Deer, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Amy Derrick, Dallas County District Attorney's Office

Kelly Dunne, Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, Inc.

Amanda Elkanick, Texas Advocacy Project

Timothy Ellenberger, High Point Police Department

Sharon Ellis Davis, McCormick Theological Seminary

Brian Erskine, Erskine Law

Jessica Escue, Brazos County District Attorney's Office

Stephanie Fargo, Dallas County District Attorney's Office

Rachel Fischer, 27 Million

Lisa Fontes, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Patricia Freshwater, Schwamkrug, Freshwater & Lopez, PLLC

Michele Galietta, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Gretta Gardner, DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence

James Granucci, CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse)

Brooke Grona-Robb, Dallas County District Attorney's Office

Ruth Guerreiro, Genesis Women's Shelter & Support

Maya Gupta, National Link Coalition

Casey Gwinn, Alliance for HOPE International

Todd Haecker, Dallas Police Department

Matt Hagan, Marion County Sheriff's Office (Oregon)

Melissa Hamilton, University of Houston Law Center

Rebecca Thomforde Hauser, Center for Court Innovation

Staley Heatly, 46th Judicial District of Texas

Jim Henderson, Battered Women's Justice Project

Melissa Holbrook, Houston Police Department, Special Victims Division, Family Violence Unit

Curtis Howard, Plano Police Department

Kristen Howell, Dallas Children's Advocacy Center

Anne Jackson, Bell County District Attorney's Office

Michael Jackson, Bell County Veterans Treatment Court

Amy Jones, Genesis Women's Shelter & Support

Tovah Kasdin, Charles E. Smith Life Communities

David Keck, Battered Women's Justice Project

Rochelle Keyhan, Polaris

Brian Killacky, Amber Alert Technical Assistance

Tanisha Knighton, Knighton Consulting Group, LLC

Nichole Kroncke, Macon County State's Attorney's Office

Jordyn Lawson, Genesis Women's Shelter & Support

Wanda Lucibello, Safe Horizon

Messina Madson, Madson Castello

Chris Mansour, Human Rights Initiative

Kelsey McKay, Consultant

Kirsta Melton, Office of the Attorney General of Texas

Whitt Melton, Dallas Police Department

Michael Milnor, Alta Vista Police Department

Janie Duke Mott, SART of Comal County, SOW Healthy Coalition

Natalie Nanasi, SMU Dedman School of Law

Kevin Navarro, Dallas Police Department

Dana Nelson, Texas Legal Services Center

Merry O'Brien, Network for Victim Recovery of DC

Nancy Oglesby, Justice 3D

Erica Olsen, National Network to End Domestic Violence

Hillary Owen, Highland Park United Methodist Church

Gus Paidousis, personal card

Carrie Paschall, Dallas Children's Advocacy Center

Cara Pierce, United States Attorney's Office - NDTX

Sheilah Priori, Army

Diane Reeve, The Turning Point Board of Directors

Elaina Roberts, Stalking Resource Center

Leah Rogers, Sex Trafficking Institute, LLC

Robin Runge, The George Washington University Law School

Josefina Sabori, Fox Valley Tech College / Pima County Sheriff's Dept.

Jessica Salsbury, Office of Policy & Strategy, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Tiana Sanford, Montgomery County District Attorney's Office

Jordan Satinsky, Montgomery County Police Department

Cliff Self, Mario County Sheriff's Office

Kenneth Shultz, High Point, NC Police Dept.

Lawrence Simon, LJS Training and Consulting Group

Zoe Skinner, One Love

Jaime Slaughter, Consultant

Lisa Smith, Lisa C Smith Esq.

Bill Smock, Louisville Metro Police Department

Joy Solomon, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale

Leslie Morgan Steiner, Consultant

Russell Strand, Strand & Heitman Innovative Forensic Techniques (SHIFT) LLC

Bridgette Stumpf, Network for Victim Recovery of DC

Omar Suleiman, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Caitlin Sulley, Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Jon Sundermeier, Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln, NE

Jim Tanner, KBSolutions

Lisa Tanner, Texas Office of the Attorney General

Jessica Trevizo, Dallas County

Veronique Valliere, Valliere & Counseling Associates, Inc.

Jennifer Waindle, DeKalb County State Court Probation

Jim Walters, AMBER Alert Training & Technical Assistance Program

John Wilkinson, AEquitas

Peggy Wright, Fort Bend Women's Center

Mark Wynn, Wynn Consulting

Mark Yarbrough, Consultant

Andrea Zaferes, TeamLGS/DCME