ICCR fixed         2019 Cohort

ICCR strategically selects six rural Texas counties to participate in a yearly Cohort. Based on their geographic distance, training needs, and desire to enact a coordinated community response, the following six counties will comprise the new class of ICCR Fellows.

TX Map with Counties


-Christine Labertew: Investigator, Burleson Co. Sheriff's Office

-Susan Deski: County Attorney, Burleson Co. Attorney's Office

-Stephanie Lawrence: Civil Clerk & Victim Assistance Coordinator, Burleson Co. Attorney's Office


-Annie Chumley: Deputy, Grimes Co. Sheriff's Office

-Courtney Cain: Asst. District Attorney, Grimes Co. District Attorney's Office

-Brenda Williams: Crime Victims Coordinator, Grimes Co. District Attorney's Office


-Jessica Abbe: Investigator, Henderson Co. District Attorney's Office

-Joshua Shoemake: Deputy Sheriff, Henderson Co. Sheriff's Office

-Elizabeth Miles: Asst. District Attorney, Henderson Co. District Attorney's Office

-Della Cooper: Director of Research, East Texas Crisis Center

-Scott Robinson: Operations Captain, Hill Co. Sheriff's Office

-Michaela Alvarado: Asst. County Attorney, Hill Co. Attorney's Office

-Katie Cole: Hill Co. Crime Victim Coordinator, Hill Co. Attorney's Office

-Kristin Shaw: Deputy, Leon Co. Sheriff's Office

-Hope Knight: District Attorney, Leon Co. District Attorney's Office

-Dana Pachuca: Victim Assistance Coordinator, Leon Co. District Attorney's Office

-Candy Moreno: Deputy, Limestone Co. Sheriff's Office

-Tara Gough: Asst. County Attorney, Limestone Co. Attorney's Office

-Renee Thompson: Victim Assistance Coordinator, Limestone Co. District Attorney's Office

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