See below for a list of the 2020 Conference on Crimes Against Women Web Series Speakers

Jane Anderson
Jane Anderson brings her expertise in prosecuting domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking to her role as an attorney advisor with AEquitas. Prior to joining AEquitas, Ms. Anderson served as an assistant state attorney with Florida's 11th Judicial Circuit in Miami-Dade Co. In her role as a founding member of the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Human Trafficking Unit and Task Force, Ms. Anderson developed policies and procedures to better identify and provide necessary services to trafficking victims, while ensuring offender accountability through the use of digital evidence and creative charging decisions. 

Miiko Anderson
Fresno Co. District Attorney’s Office
Miiko Anderson is a Senior Deputy District Attorney (SDDA) and Certified criminal specialist at the Fresno County District Attorney's Office. As a Specialty Unit Prosecutor, she prosecutes Gang, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Human Trafficking cases. SDDA Anderson also leads the Fresno County District Attorney’s Human Trafficking Task Force, which is comprised of multiple law enforcement agencies including FBI, Homeland Security, and U.S. Attorney’s Office. 

Juan Carlos Arean
Futures Without Violence
Juan Carlos Arean is an internationally-recognized activist, public speaker, trainer and facilitator, and published author. Since 1991, he has worked to engage men across different cultures to become better fathers, intimate partners and allies to end domestic violence and achieve gender equity. Mr. Arean works as a program director at Futures Without Violence. 

Melanie Blow
Stop Abuse Campaign
Melanie Blow, a survivor of incest, psychological abuse, and a host of other childhood trauma, now uses her talents to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences. Ms. Blow has experience organizing child abuse survivors and protective mothers, and empowering them to discuss their abuse and advocate for social change. She is a founding member of the Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking, a member of the Rochester chapter of Love146, on the legislative advocacy committee of the American Professional Society Against the Abuse of Children, and has served on the Board of Directors for Prevent Child Abuse N.Y. 

Justin Boardman
Boardman Training & Consulting
Justin Boardman is a retired detective who served with the West Valley City Police Dept. in UT. Det. Boardman was assigned to the Special Victims Unit for seven years. During that time, he conducted nearly 300 forensic child and 140 adult victim interviews. Det. Boardman has co-authored a Trauma-Informed Victim Interview protocol for adult victims of trauma.

Heidi Bonner
East Carolina University
Heidi Bonner is an associate professor in the Dept. of Criminal Justice at East Carolina University. Dr. Bonner’s research focuses on the administration of the criminal justice process with an emphasis on police decision making and the effects of policies and programs on police operations, including intervention in intimate partner violence. 

Grant Bradford
Fresno Police Dept.
Grant Bradford is a detective for the Fresno Police Dept. for over 10 years. Det. Bradford is currently assigned to the Vice Unit and is tasked with investigation of complex human trafficking cases.

Barbie Brashear
Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
Barbie Brashear is the executive director for the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, a non-profit organization that works to coordinate a community response to domestic violence in Harris County, Texas. Ms. Brashear has worked in the domestic and sexual violence field for 27 years and has provided leadership to sexual assault programs, domestic violence programs, and long-term housing programs for over 20 years. She is an expert witness in domestic violence cases, and has presented and trained at multiple local and statewide conferences on domestic and sexual violence for over 15 years, and has provided training to hundreds of law enforcement professionals, health care professionals, advocates, social service providers, criminal justice system professionals, teachers, students, and general public. Ms. Brashear has provided case management and advocacy services to victims for over 20 years.

Lawrence Braunstein
Braunstein & Zuckerman Esqs.
Lawrence Braunstein is a partner in the law firm of Braunstein & Zuckerman, Esqs, in White Plains, New York, and an adjunct professor of Law at Hofstra University Law School in Hempstead, New York. Mr. Braunstein serves on the faculty of the NYPD Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Investigation Course and Homicide Investigator Course. 

Carvana Cloud
Community Empowerment Solutions
Carvana Cloud is the executive director of Community Empowerment Solutions, a legal services collaborative designed to support and empower victims and communities affected by crime. As a former prosecutor, Ms. Cloud structured and managed the Special Victims Bureau of the Harris Co. District Attorney’s Office, which prosecutes crimes of interpersonal violence. She is committed to improving public safety by envisioning innovative strategies designed to ensure victim safety and offender accountability specifically in regards domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking crimes. Ms. Cloud’s litigation experience informed the creation of several homicide prevention initiatives such as the Harris Co. Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) and the Cultural Outreach Program (COP), which are systems-based advocacy programs designed to provide crisis intervention, victim stabilization, and safety planning to survivors in a trauma-informed manner. Ms. Cloud is the vice president of the Board of Directors for RESPOND Against Violence and frequently trains on strangulation, the role of expert witness testimony, and the importance of culturally specific advocacy in criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Heather Daley
Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services
Heather Daley is a hotline advocate for the National Deaf Domestic Violence Hotline at Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services. Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services empowers Deaf and DeafBlind survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment to transform their lives, while striving to change the beliefs and behaviors that foster and perpetuate violence. We provide comprehensive services to individuals and families, community education, and advocacy on systems and policy issues.

Brittany Davis
Center for Court Innovation
Brittany Davis is the coordinator for Gender & Family Justice at the Center for Court Innovation. Ms. Davis provides expert assistance to courts and communities across the country that seek to enhance their response to domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. She also helps coordinate Project SAFE, an OVW-funded initiative aimed at enhancing services for justice-involved black women who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Wilma Dennis
Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services
Wilma Dennis is an advocate at Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at Rochester Institute of Technology and has been working in the DV/SA field for 3 years. Ms. Dennis is Deaf and ASL is her native language. She helps deaf survivors with the legal system to help them have a better future.

Ramani Durvasula
Clinical Psychologist
Ramani Durvasula is a licensed clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, CA and professor of psychology at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Durvasula is the author of three books, and her work has been featured at SxSW, TEDx, and on a wide range of media platforms. She is an honest voice on the struggles raised by narcissism.

Bryan Franke
2C Solutions
Bryan Franke is a 32-year veteran of the Longmont Police Dept., and is the founder and president of 2C Solutions, LLC, an organization dedicated to training other professionals on how to investigate, prosecute, and proactively monitor the use of technology by probation clients, as well as how to deal with various digital crime/technology based investigations. Det. Franke is assigned to, and was instrumental in forming, the Cyber Crimes Unit, as well as the development of the Boulder County Computer Forensics Lab; a combined computer forensics lab made up of personnel from four agencies. Det. Franke has performed forensic examinations on computers, cell phones, GPS units, and other portable devices such as tablets, external HDD, credit card skimmers, and various types of flash storage.

Barry Goldstein
Stop Abuse Campaign
Barry Goldstein is a leading national and international expert regarding domestic violence. He has a unique range of experiences that include service as a board member to a local battered women’s shelter, attorney for domestic violence survivors, instructor in a NY Model Batterer Program, and author of some of the leading books and articles in the field. 

John Guard
Pitt Co. Sheriff's Office
John Guard is employed by the Pitt Co. Sheriff’s Office in Greenville, NC, and has over 27 years of experience which includes: line level response, investigative response, first and second level supervision, and agency management. For over two decades, he has specialized in investigating domestic violence cases. Chief Dep. Guard has been instrumental in developing policies and procedures related to domestic violence response. 

Ruth Guerreiro
Genesis Women's Shelter & Support
Ruth Guerreiro has been practicing since 2005. She has worked directly with over 1,000 victims of domestic violence during her eight years of employment at Genesis Women's Shelter & Support. Ruth is the senior director of Clinical and Professional Services at Genesis, where she supervises all of the clinical staff, regularly provides trainings and expert testimony, and provides counseling to women and children in both English and Spanish. Ruth is trained in three evidence-based, trauma-informed counseling models: EMDR, CPT, and TF-CBT. Her expertise includes trauma, domestic violence, attachment, and parenting support.

Leslie A. Hagen
U.S. Dept. of Justice
Leslie Hagen serves as the Dept. of Justices (DOJ) first National Indian Country training coordinator. In this position, Ms. Hagen is responsible for planning, developing, and coordinating training in a broad range of matters relating to the administration of justice in Indian Country. Ms. Hagen started with the DOJ as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Western District of Michigan. 

Amy Herman
The Art of Perception
Amy Herman is a lawyer and art historian who uses works of art to sharpen observation, analysis, and communication skills. Through interactive analysis of paintings, sculptures, and photographs, Ms. Herman demonstrates how improving visual literacy can refresh one's sense of critical inquiry, hone the skills necessary for improved performance and effective leadership, and reveal biases, assumptions, and blind spots that impede optimal decision making. 

Doreen Hunter
Stop Abuse Campaign
Doreen Hunter is the chair of the Stop Abuse Campaign in Texas, and has lobbied and testified at the State Capitol on the Texas version of the Safe Child Act #HB3121. In April 2019, Ms. Hunter held a rally at the Texas Capitol, bringing awareness to the issues of child filicide connected to family court and child abuse fatalities. On top of her work as advocate for survivors, Ms. Hunter is a victim, caught in the very system where her child is not being protected. 

Billy Kewell
Billy Kewell is Uber's law enforcement liaison for the U.S. West. Mr. Kewell's job is to engage law enforcement on all Uber's business operations. His primary goal is to ensure law enforcement is educated and prepared to manage changes brought about Uber's transportation platform. Prior to Uber, Mr. Kewell was a Secret Service agent for nine years in Chicago.

Rochelle Keyhan
Collective Liberty
Rochelle Keyhan is the CEO of Collective Liberty, where she develops and executes the organizations strategic direction and collaborations focused on disrupting specific types of human trafficking, including recruiting and maintaining robust collaborative networks of law enforcement, agency stakeholders, and service providers. Prior to founding Collective Liberty, Ms. Keyhan was a prosecutor for six years in the Philadelphia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, and then director of the Disruption Strategies Dept. at Polaris.

Julie Krawczyk
Elder Financial Safety Center at The Senior Source
Julie Krawczyk is the director of the Elder Financial Safety Center leading the nation in the prevention, protection, and prosecution of financial crimes and prevention of financial exploitation, frauds, and scams. Ms. Krawczyk oversees operations for the first-of-its-kind Center, a unique collaboration between The Senior Source, Dallas County Probate Courts, and Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

Lou Luba
Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice - Windham State's Attorney's Office
Lou Luba is a senior asst. state's attorney in for Connecticut. Mr. Luba has been a prosecutor for over 24 years and is currently the Major Crimes prosecutor for the Windham Judicial District, as well as one of Connecticut's subject matter experts on computer-related crime focusing on child exploitation cases. Mr. Luba is a founding member of Connecticut's first Sexual Assault Response Team and is a POST certified trainer on sexual assaults and rape crisis. 

Kim Nash
International Association of Forensic Nurses
Kim Nash has been a registered nurse for 22 years and a forensic nurse examiner for the last 14 years. Currently, Ms. Nash is a Forensic Nursing specialist for the International Association of Forensic Nurses, and is dual, board-certified as a SANE-A and a SANE-P. She enjoys performing technical assistance and providing multidisciplinary trainings nationally and internationally.

Carla Manuel
Harris Co. District Attorney’s Office
Carla Manuel is the director of Human Trafficking Intelligence for the Harris Co. District Attorney's Office (HCDAO) and has almost 20 years of experience in strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence. Ms. Manuel directs, supervises, and oversees the human trafficking investigations developed out of the HCDAO. In 2002, she was commissioned into the U.S. Army as an Intelligence Officer. A two-time combat veteran, she is the recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for her contribution to the successful targeting, investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of over 150 high-valued terrorists. 

Donna Strittmatter Max
U.S. Attorney's Office
Donna Strittmatter Max is an asst. U.S. attorney in the Northern District of Texas. In that role, she prosecutes criminal healthcare fraud and serves as her office’s Elder Justice Coordinator. Prior to her current position, Ms. Strittmatter Max spent over 15 years prosecuting white collar crime at the Dallas Co. District Attorney’s Office as the chief of the Specialized Crime Division. 

Kelsey McKay
McKay Training & Consulting, LLC
Kelsey McKay is the President of RESPOND Against Violence and McKay Training & Consulting, LLC. Ms. McKay trains and consults nationally to strengthen how communities collaborate, investigate, and prosecute strangulation, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence cases. She develops experts to testify and trains on the implementation of a strangulation supplement and community collaboration. 

Carol Midboe
Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
Carol Midboe spent time in Rome advocating for all sexual assault survivors with the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) for the 2019 Vatican Summit on Ending Clergy Abuse and is the Austin, TX SNAP leader. Ms. Midboe is a veteran and an independent Darkness to Light Stewards of Children authorized facilitator, providing child sexual abuse prevention and education for adults in her community. For the past four years, she has served the Traffick911 volunteer Traps Youth Program. Ms. Midboe also advocates for crime victim policy reform, provides personal safety training, and serves on the Stop Abuse Campaign Texas Advisory Board.

Rocío Molina
National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project
Rocío Molina is the deputy director for the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project at American University Washington College of Law, and is an immigration attorney serving immigrant survivors for over 12 years. Ms. Molina provides legal counsel, research, technical assistance, and training for the benefit of immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.  

Amanda Elkanick Oder
Texas Advocacy Project
Amanda Elkanick Oder is currently the Survivor Services and Training director with Texas Advocacy Project. Ms. Oder has been working with survivors for the past 13 years in varying roles; such as shelter advocate, program director, and policy analyst. She has served on statewide task forces, community planning groups, and committees that are centered on ending intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

Nancy Oglesby
Justice 3D
Nancy Oglesby is a co-founder of Justice 3D, a company that offers training and consulting to allied professionals nationally on issues of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. Ms. Oglesby has been a career prosecutor in Virginia for over 20 years. She is currently Virginia’s Domestic and Sexual Violence Resource prosecutor. 

Julie Owens
Julie Owens is a domestic violence survivor who has developed programs including a crisis team for ERs, a shelter, and counselor trainings. Ms. Owens directed DV trauma research at the National Center for PTSD. She consults on best practices in advanced victim advocacy for governments, NGOs, and faith communities, emphasizing trauma and survival dynamics. Her website is

Neelam Patel
U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women
Neelam Patel is the Team Lead for Training and Technical Assistance at the U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). In her position as Team Lead, Ms. Patel is responsible for overseeing the management and development of the OVW Training and Technical Assistance Initiative.  Ms. Patel began her career at OVW as a Presidential Management Fellow and Program Specialist with the OVW Legal Assistance for Victims and Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange grant programs.  During her tenure at OVW, Ms. Patel completed various leadership programs within the department, including the U.S. Department of Justice Leadership Excellence and Achievement Program and a detail as Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service.

Allie Phillips
Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)
Allie Phillips is an author, attorney, and advocate for protecting vulnerable victims. She is the founder & CEO of the Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T) Program, the first and only global initiative helping domestic violence shelters to create on-site pet housing. Ms. Phillips is a former prosecuting attorney who has worked for the National District Attorney's Association as the founder/director of the National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse, and deputy director of the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse. 

Dalia Racine
Dalia Racine, a former prosecutor with a specialized focus on human trafficking and violence against women and girls, is an attorney advisor at AEquitas. Ms. Racine began her career at the Fulton Co. District Attorney’s office in Atlanta, GA. During her time in Fulton County, she was assigned to the Crimes Against Women and Children Unit and the Major Case Unit, where she prosecuted sexual and physical assault of women and children, including homicides. 

Rachel Ramirez
The Center on Partner Inflicted Brain Injury
Rachel Ramirez is the founder and director of The Center on Partner Inflicted Brain Injury, a project of the Ohio Domestic Violence Network. The Center provides statewide, national, and international leadership to raise awareness on the emerging area of brain injury caused by domestic violence. Ms. Ramirez has worked in the domestic violence field for 15 years.

Colin A. Ross
Colin Ross is the author of 32 books and over 230 peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Ross is a past president of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. He consults to hospital-based Trauma Programs at UBH Hospital in Denton, Texas and at two additional programs in Michigan and California.

Joseph Scaramucci
McLennan Co. Sheriff’s Office
Joseph Scaramucci is a detective with the McLennan County Sheriff's Office, investigating crimes against persons. Since initiating investigations in human trafficking in 2014, Det. Scaramucci has participated in John Suppression events, arresting over 450 sex buyers with his partner in a period of eight months. In the last three years, he has conducted sting operations resulting in the arrest of approximately 125 individuals for trafficking and related offenses, which led to the recovery of approximately 215 trafficking victims and seizure of more than $300,000 in currency and assets. He is further employed as a consultant for Polaris, Collective Liberty, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Johna Stallings
Harris Co. District Attorney's Office
Johna Stallings is the chief of trafficking and sex crimes for the Harris Co. District Attorney's Office. Previously, Ms. Stallings handled numerous violent and child related crimes before opening her own criminal practice in 2001. From 2001 to 2008, she worked with the mentally disabled and others with addiction or mental health issues. 

Corbin Streett
National Network to End Domestic Violence
Corbin Streett works at the intersection of technology and domestic violence at the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Providing training and technical assistance to victim advocates, law enforcement, and others across the nation, Corbin works to ensure audiences understand the important role technology plays in the lives of survivors, and how to help them stay safely and privately connected.

John Trenary
John Trenary is a High-Tech Crime training instructor for SEARCH. Det. Trenary coordinates and provides training on high-tech crime investigations to local, state, and federal justice and public safety agencies. Det. Trenary is a Cybercrimes Detective/Digital Forensic Examiner in the Linn County, OR Sheriff’s Office, where he manages the offices’ Digital Forensics Laboratory.

Lauren Wagner
High-Tech Crime Training Services at SEARCH
Lauren Wagner is a High-Tech Crime training specialist in the High-Tech Crime Training Services department of SEARCH, where she performs tasks related to training local, state and federal agencies on computer technology issues with criminal justice applications. She is a recognized national expert on the role that social networking websites can play in law enforcement investigations, and routinely provides technical assistance to law enforcement agencies in active cases.

Hope Wenke
Red Wind Consulting, Inc.
Hope Wenke, an enrolled member of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, is currently the Urban Native Training and Technical Assistance coordinator for Red Wing Consulting, Inc. Ms. Wenke works with urban Native programs to build and enhance their responses to indigenous victims of domestic violence and sexual violence. She previously served as program director of the Haseya Advocate Program, a local urban Native program of Red Wind Consulting, working to address violence against Native survivors of domestic and sexual violence through direct services in Colorado Springs, CO. Prior to that, Ms. Wenke worked as a confidential advocate providing culturally sensitive and appropriate advocacy for Urban Native Victims.

Carolyn West
University of Washington
Carolyn West is professor of clinical psychology at the Univ. of Washington, where she teaches courses on the Psychology of Black Women and Sex Crimes and Sexual Violence. Dr. West trains, consults, and speaks to national and international audiences. She has worked as an expert witness in domestic violence/sexual assault cases, delivered keynote addresses, conducted workshops, and created innovative training materials to educate and equip professionals with the skills to provide culturally-sensitive services to survivors of color.

Elissa Wev
Dallas Co. District Attorney's Office
Elissa Wev is an asst. district attorney in the Family Violence Division of the Dallas Co. District Attorney’s Office. Ms. Wev began her career as a public defender in Dallas Co. in 2013, where she advocated for indigent clients charged with misdemeanor offenses. She now works prosecuting strangulation cases, aggravated assaults, and murders. She also serves on the LGBTQ+ Task Force of her office and is on the board of the Mexican American Bar Association of Dallas.

Mark Wynn
Mark Wynn is a national trainer to police executives, patrol officers, training officers, prosecutors, judges, legislators, social service providers, healthcare professionals and victim advocates in all 50 states for over 30 years. Lt. Wynn is an international lecturer at police academies throughout the world. He is devoted to ending domestic/sexual, elder and child abuse.

Victoria Ybanez
Red Wind Consulting, Inc.
Victoria Ybanez has been working to end violence against American Indian/Alaskan Native women for 35 years. Ms. Ybanez developed and is the executive director of Red Wind Consulting, Inc., coordinating and providing Tribal Technical Assistance for recipients of the Tribal Governments Program for the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women. Current projects include the development and implementation of Tribal specific shelter and transitional housing programs and assisting Tribal programs in the development and program delivery; addressing children impacted violence against Indian women and teen dating violence; working with Tribal college and university campuses developing holistic responses to sexual assault; and responses for urban Native programs.

2020 Strangulation Series Speakers

Khara Breeden
Harris Co. Forensic Nursing Examiners
Khara Breeden is the past president for the IAFN Texas Chapter, assistant Clinical faculty Houston Baptist University, and is president of the Board of Directors for RESPOND. Dr. Breeden has been a nurse for 16 years and a forensic nurse in various capacities since 2011. Dr. Breeden serves as the chief executive officer for Harris County Forensic Nursing Examiners (HCFNE), a non-profit, community based forensic nursing program that provides comprehensive medical forensic exams, including strangulation assessments.

Carvana Cloud
Community Empowerment Solutions
Carvana Cloud is the executive director of Community Empowerment Solutions, a legal services collaborative designed to support and empower victims and communities affected by crime. As a former prosecutor, Ms. Cloud structured and managed the Special Victims Bureau of the Harris Co. District Attorney’s Office, which prosecutes crimes of interpersonal violence. Ms. Cloud’s litigation experience informed the creation of several homicide prevention initiatives such as the Harris Co. Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) and the Cultural Outreach Program (COP), which are systems-based advocacy programs designed to provide crisis intervention, victim stabilization, and safety planning to survivors in a trauma-informed manner. Ms. Cloud is the vice president of the Board of Directors for RESPOND Against Violence and frequently trains on strangulation, the role of expert witness testimony, and the importance of culturally specific advocacy in criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Michael Denton
Travis County Attorney’s Office
During Denton’s 13-year tenure at the County Attorney’s office, Michael Denton chaired the Travis County Family Violence Task Force, which recommended the creation of a new domestic-violence court in Travis County. Under Mr. Denton’s leadership, the task force won the support of the Travis County Commissioners Court and then the state legislature for creating this court, and he decided to run to become its first judge. He was first elected to preside over this new court, County Court #4, in 1998, and was re-elected five more times. Mr. Denton also created the Travis County Veterans Court to help recognize the effects of PTSD on veterans charged with misdemeanors.

Kelly Dunne
Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center
Kelly Dunne is the chief of Operations and director of Training and Technical Assistance of the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center in Massachusetts, and has focused her work on analyzing the response systems created to protect victims and hold offenders accountable. In 2003, Ms. Dunne created the nationally-acclaimed Domestic Violence High Risk Team Model (DVHRT). Based on Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell’s Danger Assessment, the Model seeks to reduce domestic violence homicides and re-assaults by employing risk assessment practices to identify potentially lethal offenders, establishes case specific multidisciplinary responses, and coordinates monitoring of high-risk domestic violence cases. 

Scott Hampton
Ending the Violence
Scott Hampton has been working with batterers, sex offenders, victims, and child witnesses for 30 years.  Dr. Hampton is the director of Ending the Violence, a Dover, NH-based organization that provides educational classes to perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence. He is also the project coordinator for Strafford County NH’s Supervised Visitation Center. Dr. Hampton writes and speaks frequently on issues related to interpersonal violence. He spends much of his time consulting with other professionals on the handling of domestic and sexual violence cases, conducting workshops, and testifying in court as an expert witness in interpersonal violence-related cases. Dr. Hampton is a past president of the National Supervised Visitation Network, a peer reviewer for the U.S. Dept. of Justice, and has been serving on NHs Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee since its inception in the late 1990s.

Kelsey McKay
McKay Training & Consulting, LLC
Kelsey McKay is the President of RESPOND Against Violence and McKay Training & Consulting, LLC. Ms. McKay trains and consults nationally to strengthen how communities collaborate, investigate, and prosecute strangulation, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence cases. She develops experts to testify and trains on the implementation of a strangulation supplement and community collaboration. 

Kimberly Orts
Travis Co. Sheriff’s Office
Kimberly Orts has been employed with the Travis County Sheriff's Office for 26 years and is currently assigned to the Family Violence Unit, primarily investigating the spectrum of crimes involving intimate partner violence for the past five years. Her experience is diverse, working multiple assignments in Corrections and Law Enforcement to include two years as a full-time Mental Health Officer. Det. Orts has been a part of the Crisis Negotiations Team for 13 years and is currently a Team Leader. She has also been an adjunct training instructor for eight years, providing presentations on mental health, crisis negotiations, and family violence within the Travis County Sheriff's Office and for agencies across Texas.

Julie Owens
Julie Owens Consulting
Julie Owens became a victim advocate after surviving domestic violence (DV) attempted murder. For three decades, she has consulted and trained nationally and internationally for organizations, governments, and professionals. Ms. Owens created a domestic violence crisis team for ERs and a transitional shelter before directing DV trauma therapy research at the National Center for PTSD. She consults and trains independently for organizations including the Office for Victims of Crime, the National Human Trafficking Center, and Bank of America. Her focus is survivor-centered, trauma-informed victim advocacy in secular and faith-based settings.

Myra Strand
Strand Squared
Myra Strand is the chief servant leader of Strand2 Squared, where she provides training and education in person and online. Ms. Strand also provides consultation and agency support in the areas of trauma and response. Last year, Strand Squared provided educational services to over 30,000 professionals. Myra began working with people who live with trauma in 1995. She has experience working with youth who have complex trauma and/or serious mental illness, people with developmental disabilities, youth in competing war zones, offenders, death notification, and victims of all crime types. 

Russell Strand
Russell Strand is a retired Senior Special Agent (SSA) and the founder and owner of Russell Strand Consulting, LLC. SSA Strand is also the creative visionary for Strand Squared, LLC. He provides consultation, systems auditing, training, education, and assistance to agencies and service providers around the world. As a career law enforcement professional, trainer, educator, writer, and consultant, SSA Strand has distinguished himself as an integral member of the criminal justice community and is widely recognized for his contributions to the field. He was selected by the Secretary of Defense to serve on the Congressionally-mandated Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Committee as a member of the Comparative Systems Subcommittee. SSA Strand was also inducted into the U.S. Army Military Police Regimental Hall of Fame.

Dawn Wilcox
Women Count U.S.A.
Dawn Wilcox is a domestic violence survivor and educator. Ms. Wilcox founded Women Count USA: United States Femicide Database in 2017 and is creating the first comprehensive database of all women and girls murdered by men in the U.S. from 1950 to present. She also works to challenge victim-blaming media narratives.

Andrea Zaferes
Andrea Zaferes is a medicolegal death investigator who specializes in the handling of aquatic cases from the scene to the courtroom. She trains law enforcement, medical examiners, coroners, domestic violence workers, medical personnel, and jurisprudence members to recognize, document, and investigate aquatic homicide, death, assault, and abuse cases. She assists in analyzing and building such cases in the U.S. and abroad and has developed standards for their investigation. Ms. Zaferes is recognized in multiple jurisdictions and by the U.S. Army as an expert witness in bodies-found-in-water and aquatic death investigation. For more than 30 years, she has been teaching dive and surface teams around the world to perform water rescue and to find and recover submerged evidence and bodies. She is an author and frequent public speaker on the topics of aquatic death and aquatic abuse.