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MMIW TXR Art Exhibition

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All artwork will be displayed at CCAW 2023

Artist: Darrell Plunkett

Artist Contact Information:

Artwork Title: “Not Abandoned, Not Alone” (FOR SALE)

Artwork Description: A silhouette of Native sister

Artist: Alejandra Carerra Tongkeamha, Carrizo-Commecrudo Tribe of Texas

Artist Contact Information:

Artwork Title: From Beyond” (FOR SALE)

Artist: Jodi Voice Yellowfish, Mvskoke Creek/Oglala Lakota/Cherokee

Artist Contact Information:

Artwork Title: “My Sister’s Skirt”

Artwork Description: This piece is a ribbon skirt made from headlines and fliers on paper. Red is important as it’s the color spirits see. Ribbon skirts have been a fashion staple for many tribes and have become a very accepted piece of Native fashion throughout Indian Country. There are beaded flowers that I used as a simple of “in memoriam” and because they made me think of little girls and I realized we are missing young and old. Paper, ink, Ribbon beads, in framed shadow box.

Artist: Desi Voice, Mvskoke Creek/ Oglala Lakota/ Standing Rock Sioux

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Artwork Title: “No More Stolen Sister Deck” (FOR SALE)

Artwork Description: Stencil Graf old English letters with paint markers on a wooden trick deck (skateboard). Deck also has a sticker that is the MMIW Texas Rematriate logo which was created by Christy Swimmer McLemore.  “I don’t like the idea of sisters, Indigenous ladies, being stolen. Our sisters are looked at as not human and we all are human”. – Desi

Artist: J Nicole Hatfield, Comanche, Kiowa

Artwork Title: “Empowered – Women Empower Women”

Artist: Michael W. Rose, Choctaw

Artist Contact Information:

Artwork Title: Where Now? (FOR SALE)

Artwork Description: Acrylic, Colored Sand on board. This is a representation of some of the Native American tribes who have suffered being abducted, trafficked, missing, and even murdered. They are following a pensive pathway, basically the next “Trail of Tears”.

Artist: Alicia Dawn Anderson, Cherokee

Artist contact information:

Art Title: “Protecting the Heirloom: Blue Corn Woman” (FOR SALE)

Artwork Description: This Blue Corn Woman is portrayed as a young woman.  She is not ancient, but she still carries the responsibilities, burdens, and traumas that Indigenous Women face in this world.  She knows she will not have children of her own; her purpose is to care for other’s children, the Earth, and the Water, learn from her ancestors, and protect that knowledge for the next seven generations.

Artist: Alina Garcia

Artist Contact Information:

Artwork Title: “MOMMY, I LOVE YOU” (FOR SALE)

Artist: Elizabeth Taylor

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Artwork Title: “Heartfelt Sorrows” (FOR SALE)

Artwork Description: An art piece expressing and showcasing that no matter who you are, missing and murdered Indigenous women affects all ages and backgrounds.

Artist: Antonio Briones III

Artist Contact Information: 281-914-1803


Artwork Description: Acrylic on Muslin Fabric