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About the Podcast

The Conference on Crimes Against Women (CCAW) is thrilled to announce the Podcast on Crimes Against Women (PCAW). PCAW releases new episodes every Monday. PCAW will serve as an extension of the information and topics presented at the annual Conference, providing in-depth dialogue, fresh perspectives, and relevant updates by experts in the fields of victim advocacy, criminal justice, medicine, and more. This podcast’s format hopes to create a space for topical conversations aimed to engage and educate community members on the issue of violence against women, how it impacts our daily lives, and how we can work together to create lasting cultural and systemic change.

Meet Our Host!

Welcome to the Podcast on Crimes Against Women. I’m Maria MacMullin. I have hosted PCAW since it began in 2020, at the dawn of the COVID pandemic. It was a harrowing time to begin a new endeavor, yet we were determined to make it happen not because of the pandemic or anything else that occurred in 2020 but despite it. As the past few years have proven, the work of the anti-violence movement does not end even when our own lives are upended on every level. On the contrary, our work intensified and we experienced significant surges in violence against women around the world that continue today.

A little more about me…I read extensively. I ask a lot of questions because I have an insatiably curious mind. If you like asking questions too you can send them to me by email. I have strong opinions and a passion for exposing the prevalence of femicide in order to end it. I had no idea when I moved to Texas almost 20 years ago that one day I would have the opportunity to work alongside so many dedicated, like-minded professionals. Or that I would have the privilege to stand in support of so many incredible survivors. I look forward to every day in this work and every episode of PCAW because of the people who take the time to share their knowledge, because of the work we all do to end violence against women and most especially because of the survivors who will benefit from this work.

In my off-hours from PCAW, I raise funds for Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support. You can learn all about that on I also host Genesis The Podcast, a new way to connect with Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support and expand your thinking about domestic violence and related issues that affect women. By now you might be thinking I really like to talk, but honestly, I prefer to dig into issues, ask questions, listen, and learn.

I have spent my entire professional life advocating in one way or another for survivors of calamitous situations. I prefer to think of this work as giving a voice to people who need it. Whether it’s raising money for survivors to receive the no-cost services they desperately need or elevating the conversation around their cause through a podcast, the impact is the same: survivors are heard, they are believed, they are supported and hopefully healed. I’ll see you at CCAW and until next time, stay safe.