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DEADLINE APPROACHING: September 30, 2023

19th Annual
Conference on Crimes Against Women

May 20 - 23, 2024

Sheraton Dallas Hotel

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2023 Attendee Demographics

Average attendee breakdown




Law Enforcement



Remaining 35% comprised of medical, therapy, probation/parole, and protective services.

Conference Information

Session Setup

Our 2023 CCAW yielded approximately 2,500 attendees.

  • There are roughly 200 time slots to fill. Session lengths vary.
  • All Conference sessions are breakouts. Each room has 100-500 seats available.
  • Speakers are required to provide their own laptop, clicker, and adapters for Mac laptops


90 minutes preferred; 3 hours case-by-case

  • Attendees have the unique opportunity to practice cutting-edge, technology-based techniques in CCAW’s hands-on computer lab
  • Attendees follow along with the presenter and practice, in real time, each method of investigation.
  • CCAW provides the computers for this lab, and we will work with each presenter to ensure that the computers are pre-loaded with any needed software, etc.

Noon Sessions

60 minutes

  • Noon sessions are offered Monday-Wednesday
  • Attendees will bring their lunch into the room for brief informational sessions and/or networking opportunities
  • Ideal topics for noon sessions include:
    • Quick refresher on best practices
    • Updates to federal or statewide protocols
    • Any other topic that would not fill a 90-minute workshop

Evening Screenings

Two hours (5:30-7:30pm, Tues & Wed)

  • Two free screenings are shown for attendees each year
  • Only one screening slot is available each evening (Tuesday and Wednesday only)
  • Most screeners choose to show their film or snippets of their film with a short panel of experts afterwards.
  • NOTE: CCAW is unable to provide screening fees or honorariums for evening screenings. We are happy to help put together a panel of experts from the speaker pool but are unable to facilitate the discussion; preferably the director or producer of the film will facilitate.


90 minutes or 3 hours (Pt. 1 & 2)

  • Case studies are the most popular sessions at CCAW every year; they provide an invaluable opportunity for attendees to learn from real-life situations.
  • We ask that presenters walk attendees through the entire case, from investigation to prosecution to follow-up, highlighting the main “takeaways”—lessons learned, tips for interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative investigative/prosecutorial strategies, etc.
  • Case studies must have at least two presenters from different fields (prosecutor, investigator, advocate, and/or survivor). These sessions are most effective when attendees are able to hear the case from multiple perspectives.
  • NOTE: Case studies are selected based on learning points for attendees, not level of sensationalism.


90 minutes or 3 hours (Pt. 1 & 2)

Workshops make up the large majority of the Conference agenda. While they vary largely in scope, all CCAW workshops include:

  • Practical strategies and tips for implementing session content
  • Real-life examples
  • High level of audience interaction
  • Time for Q&A at the end of the workshop

NOTE: Any proposal focused on practical techniques to combat gender-based crimes is encouraged. In addition, we are seeking the following topics for 2024:

  • Civil/Family Law
  • Clinical Considerations (therapy, counseling, social work, etc.)
  • Community Engagement
  • Corrections/Probation & Parole
  • Dispatchers and Emergency Telecommunicators
  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Considerations
  • Expert-level Investigative and Prosecution techniques
  • Forensic Genetic Genealogy Investigations
  • Immigration Considerations for law enforcement and prosecutors
  • Indigenous/Tribal Considerations for law enforcement and prosecutors
  • Intersectionality and generational trauma considerations
  • Judicial Considerations for DV, HT, stalking, and SA cases
  • Latinx Considerations for law enforcement and prosecutors
  • Law-Enforcement specific to patrol, LE training protocols, leadership
  • Medical Examiner/Coroner Considerations
  • Military and Civilian collaborations, investigations, and prosecutions
  • Prosecution for DV, HT, stalking, and SA cases
  • Stalking Investigations

Speaker Perks

CCAW provides:

  • Full registration to CCAW (not including pre-conference)
  • Breakfast (Monday-Thursday) and lunch (Monday-Wednesday)

CCAW may be able to provide:

  • Transportation costs up to $400
  • Lodging up to 2 days
  • On-site parking
  • Small honorarium (due to a limited budget, less than 10% of speakers will receive payment)

CCAW is unable to provide:

  • Per diems
  • Airfare baggage fees
  • Transportation costs to/from speakers’ home airports

NOTE: CCAW recognizes that some organizations are still adhering to COVID-19 restrictions involving travel and in-person conferences/meetings. However, at this time, CCAW will not be providing any hybrid options (i.e. in-person plus virtual). The 2024 Conference on Crimes Against Women will be entirely in-person. Changes to this decision will be distributed via e-blasts and CCAW website updates.

Submit a Proposal

If you have any issues or questions regarding the proposal process, please contact Shawn Guy, Director of CCAW Programs & Operations, at