Scholarship opportunities for the 2021 Virtual Conference are open!

If you receive funds from the OVW, you may be eligible to use them to attend the Conference. Please check back in January for a complete list of OVW approved programs.

The following OVW programs have conditionally approved their grantees to attend the 2020 Web Series from June 2 -September 24, 2020. The programs listed below have conditionally approved their grantees to attend this Conference. Grantees are required to contact their OVW program specialists to get approval specific to their award and to ensure that a Grant Adjustment Notice (GAN) is issued. A GAN must be completed before grantees commit or expend any funds related to attending this Conference.

  • Campus
  • Consolidated Youth
  • Tribal Coalitions
  • Specific Services
  • ICJR
  • Justice for Families
  • LAV
  • Rural
  • Tribal Governments
  • Tribal Jurisdiction
  • Tribal SASP

The reference number for this conference is OVW-2020-MU-005.This number must be used by grantees when requesting approval via a GAN or in their “memo to the file”. This approval and assigned reference number is for this conference only.

This approval does not approve the use of either the OVW logo or the Department of Justice seal. Under no circumstances should the OVW logo or the Department of Justice seal be used in promotional or other materials without the express written approval of the Department for such use.

International Attendees info

The Conference on Crimes Against Women is proud to welcome international attendees! (Please note: The Conference does not provide letters of invitation.)

In addition to the United States, we have had professionals join us from countries around the globe, including

United States
Cayman Islands
Puerto Rico
South Korea
Trinidad & Tobago