2020 Sponsors

The Conference on Crimes Against Women would like to thank our sponsors for supporting the 2020 Web Series! Because of your generosity, nearly 2,300 advocates, first responders, and professionals working within the criminal justice system to serve women experiencing violence were educated and supported during a time of immeasurable uncertainty and hardship.

As the novel Coronavirus began its sweep across the country, the CCAW Board and Team began to assess the impact of canceling or postponing this mission critical educational opportunity. The presence of a global pandemic and our changing “new normal” has not decreased the frequency of crimes against women – in fact quite the opposite. We leave this multi-week Series of intensive learning and networking with a renewed hope in our fight to end the epidemic of violence against women. While we never imagined that we would be “meeting” virtually for the 2020 Conference on Crimes Against Women, we are encouraged and bolstered in not only the work of our individual agencies but in our communities as a whole who have adapted to meet the rapidly changing needs of survivors everywhere. Our hope is that this Series served as a place for our attendees to find connection and community, new knowledge, and inspiration. Thank you for helping make that possible.

Sponsorship Opportunities

2021 opportunities coming soon!