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The Institute for Coordinated Community Response

By Daniel HannonOctober 1, 2018October 21st, 2020No Comments

CCAW’s new training program, the Institute for Coordinated Community Response (ICCR), has kicked off its pilot year in Wilbarger County, Texas. ICCR provides a full year of training, resources, networking opportunities, and technical assistance for rural, under-resourced Texas counties who are motivated to improve their systemic response to domestic violence through the creation of a Coordinated Community Response. Four Wilbarger County professionals, including a law enforcement officer, advocate, and two prosecutors, were selected to participate in the pilot year. The ICCR fellows participate in weekly online assignments, as well as several free, community-wide trainings held in their own community throughout the year. To date, ICCR has hosted two community trainings in Vernon, open to anyone living in Wilbarger County and surrounding areas.

In July, ICCR welcomed Justin Boardman and Kortney Hughes to deliver “Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices in the Justice System”. As experts in the law enforcement and advocacy fields, Boardman and Hughes shared how trauma manifests itself in individuals and communities and provided practical tips for creating trauma-informed paths to justice for victims while holding offenders accountable.

The second community training, an “In Her Shoes” simulation and “Safety Planning 101” presentation, was presented by Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support in August. “In Her Shoes” is an interactive, hands-on simulation that gave participants “first hand” experience of the barriers a domestic violence victim faces while working her way through the legal, advocacy, healthcare, spiritual, and law enforcement systems. After the simulation, Genesis therapists educated attendees about the importance of safety planning and how they can assist friends and family members who are seeking safety. One participant summed it up perfectly: “Community partnership is huge. We have to work together and open up the lines of communication.” Interested in bringing ICCR’s programming to your rural Texas community?

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