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Resource Library

This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

The crime of domestic violence roll-call video
The crime of domestic violence is complex and law enforcement officers often feel frustrated and discouraged when responding. Officers provide as much support to victims as possible, but when equipped with a better understanding of the nuances and dynamics of this intimate partner crime, they can more effectively address victims’ needs and hold offenders accountable. This video highlights the realities and complexities of domestic violence and provides strategies for effective investigations.
Roll Call Training CCR, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Sexual Assault, Stalking March 14, 2023
Law enforcement’s role in supporting crime victim access to compensation
This CCAW workshop, presented by Fred Fletcher and Caroline Huffaker, discusses available resources and strategies for improving law enforcement’s knowledge and understanding of crime victim compensation as well as real-world examples of how the program works (2019).
Roll Call Training Law Enforcement, Victims March 14, 2023
Identifying & responding to elder abuse: An officer’s role
"The IACP in collaboration with PAE and the Elder Justice Initiative, U.S. Department of Justice, is addressing these needs through the development of a: Six-part roll call video series to enable law enforcement to better identify signs of elder abuse and recognize evidence that can lead to the successful prosecution of criminals. Excel-based financial investigative tool that can help identify patterns of exploitation and develop graphic representations of suspected criminal activity."
Roll Call Training Disabilities, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Sexual Assault, Stalking March 14, 2023