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Resource Library

This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

Responses from the Field: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, & Policing
This research is comprised of narratives from government officials, advocates, and service providers with a link to domestic and sexual violence. The purpose of this collection is to help develop and implement future policy (October 2015).
Report Advocacy, Children, Elder Abuse, Home Visitation, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Interviews, Military, Prosecution January 27, 2023
In Our Voice: Survivors’ Recommendations
This study provides evidence-based information from seven focus groups comprised of diverse members of intimate partner violence. The research details survivors' opinions on existsing service gaps and how helping professionals might enhance court operations (December 2014).
Advocacy, Children, Home Visitation, Interviews, Military, Prosecution, Technology January 27, 2023
Collaboration Between Federal & Local Law Enforcement: An Examination of Texas Police Chiefs’ Perceptions
This paper examines a sample of Texas police chiefs concerning their perceptions of the level of collaboration that is occurring between their respective departments and federal agencies (October 2011).
Report Children, Elder Abuse, Home Visitation, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Mental Health, Military January 25, 2023