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This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

Protective orders, domestic violence convictions, & firearms
This BWJP PowerPoint details the types of protective orders in Texas, and how to ensure victims receive the necessary protective order from their abusers (2019).
TTA Agency Animal Abuse, CCR, Investigation, Prosecution, Religion February 22, 2023
Collaborating to address trafficking in rural communities: Lessons from the field
This Futures Without Violence webinar focuses on trafficking in rural areas, and how collaboration can facilitate more effective investigations and prosecution. (2016).
Webinar Collaboration, Human Trafficking, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Rural February 1, 2023
Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault in Rural Areas
This article discusses obstacles to reporting sexual assault in rural areas and the need for more research concerning sexual assault in these communities (2009).
Article Advocacy, Investigation, Medical, Prosecution, Rural, Sexual Assault, Systemic Change February 1, 2023
Social Consequences of Disparagement Humor: A Prejudiced Norm Theory
The prejudiced norm theory specifies the social-psychological processes by which exposure to disparagement humor uniquely affects the tolerance of discrimination against members of groups targeted by the humor. The authors in this study ose that a norm of tolerance of discrimination implied by disparagement humor functions as a source of self-regulation for people high in prejudice (2004).
Report Advocacy, Bystanders, Military, Prosecution, Strangulation, Technology, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Weapons January 27, 2023
Responses from the Field: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, & Policing
This research is comprised of narratives from government officials, advocates, and service providers with a link to domestic and sexual violence. The purpose of this collection is to help develop and implement future policy (October 2015).
Report Advocacy, Children, Elder Abuse, Home Visitation, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Interviews, Military, Prosecution January 27, 2023
Putting the System Back into Systems Change: A Framework for Understanding & Changing Organizational & Community Systems
This research examines the concept of systems change, as it has emerged as a dominant frame thorugh which national, state, and local practitioners in a variety of fields approach their work. The paper also covers the importance of attending to both deep and apparent structures within a system as well as the interactions and interdependencies among these system parts (May 2007).
Report Advocacy, Military, Prosecution January 27, 2023
Partnering with Community-Based Organizations to Reduce Intimate Partner Violence
This article examines IPV in Latina communities. Because of fear, distrust, and cultural barriers, these victims often avoid formal resources, even when they are experiencing extreme IPV. In order to develop effective interventions, Latinas' voices in research must be used, and organizations must collaborate with community-based organizations (CBOs). (March 2009).
Report Advocacy, Child Abuse Awareness Month, Children, Military, Prosecution, Technology, Weapons January 27, 2023
Missing Voices: Patterns of Battered Women’s Satisfaction with the Criminal Legal System
This research explores IPV survivors' patterns of satisfaction with the criminal legal system response. Implications for improving the criminal legal system response to survivors of IPV are discussed (February 2002).
Report Advocacy, Aquatic Crimes, Children, DV Awareness Month, Elder Abuse, Expert Witnesses, FRTs, High Risk Team, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Prosecution, Technology January 27, 2023
Intimate Partner Violence in Rural America
Despite the alarming rates of IPV across the U.S., women in rural areas face obstacles that impair their ability to get help. Lack of an adequate health care and criminal justice system are barriers for these victims of domestic violence. This study examines the many challenges that rural victims face, and how to create a coordinated, systemic change in rural America (March 2015).
Report Advocacy, Children, Elder Abuse, Immigration Awareness Month, Interviews, Military, Prosecution, Rural, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Technology January 27, 2023
In Our Voice: Survivors’ Recommendations
This study provides evidence-based information from seven focus groups comprised of diverse members of intimate partner violence. The research details survivors' opinions on existsing service gaps and how helping professionals might enhance court operations (December 2014).
Advocacy, Children, Home Visitation, Interviews, Military, Prosecution, Technology January 27, 2023
Greater Newburyport Domestic Violence High Risk Team
This document discusses the Greater Newburyport DV High Risk Team, which is comprised of allied professionals working together to identify the most dangerous cases of DV and implement interventions to prevent cases from escalating to fatal levels (December 2013).
TTA Agency Advocacy, Animal Abuse, Child Abuse Awareness Month, Children, Military, Prosecution January 27, 2023
Coordinated Community Responses to Intimate Partner Violence: Where Do We Go from Here?
This article suggests future directions for coordinated community responses. The research highlightsthe importance of identifying which specific services are effective before efforts are made to combine and coordinate those services or interventions (2008).
Report Child Abuse Awareness Month, Military, Prosecution, Technology January 27, 2023
Collaboration Multiplier: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Multi-Field Collaboration
Collaboration Multiplier is a tool for enhancing collaborative efforts across diverse fields. This guide is a good resource for those interested in coordinating efforts in various careers and sectors (2011).
Report Child Abuse Awareness Month, Military, Prosecution January 27, 2023
Collaboration Math: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Multidisciplinary Collaboration
Although primarily focused on traffic safety, this paper describes "Collaboration Math," a tool developed to help individuals representing different disciplines to work together effectively (September 2003).
Report Child Abuse Awareness Month, Military, Prosecution January 25, 2023
Checklist to promote perpetrator accountability in dependency cases involving domestic violence
This extensive checklist provides assistance to judges, in order for them to enhance decision-making, tailor service plans to hold perpetrators accountable, evaluate perpetrator treatment options, etc.
TTA Agency DV, Judges, Offender Accountability, Offenders, Prosecution January 25, 2023
Building Evidence for Domestic Violence Services & Interventions
This article's purpose is to describe the current state of evidence for DV services and interventions, as well as highlight innovate and concrete areas of opportunity. (January 2017).
Report Advocacy, Children, Prosecution January 25, 2023
A Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence
This paper chronicles the Duluth Project, which is a pioneer in coordinated community responses to domestic violence and sexual assault. The Duluth Project is a system of networks, agreements, and applied principles created by the local shelter movement, criminal justice agencies, and human services programs developed in northern Minnesota (January 1997).
Report Advocacy, Child Abuse Awareness Month, Children, Elder Abuse, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Immigration Awareness Month, Military, Prosecution, Technology January 25, 2023
A Call for Social Network-Oriented Approach to Services for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
This paper calls for a shift in domestic violence services toward a more network-oriented approach. Such a shift would require a reframing of the role of DV practitioners and the scope and nature of services (2011).
Report Advocacy, Children, Military, Prosecution January 24, 2023