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This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

Investigating & Prosecuting High Risk Cases: A Focus on Intimate Partner Sexual Violence and Strangulation
Every year, 3-4 million women in the U.S. are abused by an intimate partner, and as many as 1,600 are killed by their abusers. Identifying the level of danger facing a victim is a persistent challenge. Several factors are associated with an increased risk of homicide—in particular, the co-occurrence of sexual violence and strangulation. Trauma-informed investigations and evidence-based prosecutions are essential to the identification of these co-occurring crimes, safety planning with survivors, and offender accountability.  This webinar will focus on the signs and symptoms of strangulation injury; common dynamics and prevalence of intimate partner sexual violence; and the importance of documentation, safety planning, and collaboration with advocates and medical experts. The presenter will discuss risk factors and assessment, as well as investigative and legal considerations in these cases.
Webinar Investigation, Law Enforcement, Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Strangulation September 8, 2023
Police response to violence against women
The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) provides a resource library for police response to violence against women, which includes tools, policies, and resources to assist law enforcement in responding effectively to human trafficking, sexual assault, domestic and sexual violence by police officers, stalking, strangulation, domestic violence, and other crimes of intimate partner violence (2019).
TTA Agency DV, Human Trafficking, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Strangulation, Systemic Change February 22, 2023
Episode 3: Why strangulation matters
Kelsey McKay is a nationally recognized expert on strangulation who developed a critical protocol for strangulation and domestic violence response and treatment. A former prosecutor from Travis County Texas, McKay founded McKay Training & Consulting to collaborate with leaders in fields of law enforcement in order to strengthen how communities collaborate, investigate, treat and prosecute strangulation and intimate partner cases. Her protocol - The Asphyxiation Assessment - is transforming the role of first responders in cases of crimes against women. This episode tackles the subject of strangulation – what it is, what it is not, and best practices in the fields of response, investigation, and prosecution. Content warnings for this episode include: abuse, physical and sexual violence (2020).
Podcast Collaboration, Homicide, Strangulation, Systemic Change, Victims February 21, 2023
The evaluation of non-fatal strangulation in the health care setting
This paper details evaluation techniques for nurses and doctors involved with non-fatal strangulation cases (2016).
Report Medical, Strangulation January 27, 2023
Strangulation, domestic violence, & the legal response
This article discusses the risks and concerns associated with non-fatal strangulation, as well as the legal responses to strangulation by the U.S., Canada, and Australia.
Report Legislation, Strangulation, Systemic Change January 27, 2023
Social Consequences of Disparagement Humor: A Prejudiced Norm Theory
The prejudiced norm theory specifies the social-psychological processes by which exposure to disparagement humor uniquely affects the tolerance of discrimination against members of groups targeted by the humor. The authors in this study ose that a norm of tolerance of discrimination implied by disparagement humor functions as a source of self-regulation for people high in prejudice (2004).
Report Advocacy, Bystanders, Military, Prosecution, Strangulation, Technology, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Weapons January 27, 2023
Non-fatal strangulation is an important risk factor for homicide of women
This research article examines non-fatal strangulation as a risk factor for major assault or homicide of women, with results showing an increased risk for both assault and homicide if the woman experienced non-fatal strangulation previously (2008).
Academic Article DV, DV Awareness Month, Strangulation January 27, 2023
Non-fatal strangulation documentation toolkit
This document provides first responders with tools for detection and documentation in non-fatal strangulation cases (2016).
Report Medical, Strangulation January 27, 2023
Domestic assault by strangulation & recantation of victims in the criminal court system
This survey was designed to determine what causes victims to recant in non-fatal domestic assault by strangulation cases, and how criminal conviction can be secured in the context of strangulation without pressuring the victim to testify (2016).
Academic Article Judges, Juries, Strangulation, Systemic Change, Victims January 27, 2023
Differentiating among attempted, completed, & multiple nonfatal strangulation in women experiencing intimate partner violence
This data examines the prevalence and correlates of nonfatal strangulation among female survivors of IPV (2018).
Report Strangulation, Victims January 27, 2023
Characteristics of the Residential Neighborhood Environment Differentiate Intimate Partner Femicide in Urban Rural Settings
Few studies have examined the influence of neighborhood context on intimate partner femicide (IPF). In this study, the authors examine the role for neighborhood-level factors in differentiating urban and rural IPFs in Wisconsin (2013).
Report Child Abuse Awareness Month, Children, Immigration Awareness Month, Military, Strangulation January 25, 2023
Academia Meets Community Agency: How to Foster Positive Collaboration in Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Work
This document examines the importance of collaboration between members of academia and service agencies in order to effectively combat and respond to domestic and sexual violence. The authors provide suggestions and methods of how to create positive, collaborative relationships between academicians and service providers (March 2011).
Report Advocacy, Children, Interviews, Military, Strangulation January 25, 2023
A systematic review of the epidemiology of nonfatal strangulation, a human rights & health concern
The authors uncover the literature on the epidemiology of nonfatal strangulation by an intimate partner (2014).
Report Judges, Medical, Strangulation, Systemic Change, Victims January 25, 2023