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Resource Library

This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

Battering Intervention & Prevention Programs: Services for DV Offenders
This webinar highlights strategic prevention efforts to family violence through battering intervention programs.
Webinar DV, DV Awareness Month, Offender Accountability, Offenders, Texas Specific September 8, 2023
What advocates need to know about law enforcement’s role (Part 1: CCR problem-solving series: The role of law enforcement)
Part 1 of this BWJP webinar series discusses the role of law enforcement in response to IPV, and the relationship between advocacy groups and police officers (2017).
Webinar Disabilities, DV Awareness Month, LGBTQ+, Offender Accountability March 14, 2023
Practical implications of current domestic violence research for probation officers & administrators
This booklet examines research on intimate partner violence and analyzes what it reveals that probation officers and administrators should know to do their jobs better with regard to offender accountability (2015).
Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Offender Accountability, Stalking February 22, 2023
Assessing and Responding to Men Who Pose a High Risk to their Intimate Partners
This OVW-funded webinar describes a new protocol developed in Massachussetts for assessing risk of men who attend batterer intervention programs (2018).
Webinar Offender Accountability, Offenders, Risk Assessment/LAP February 1, 2023
The Weak Evidence for Batter Program Alternatives
This research focuses on batterer intervention programs and the most effective types of programming found by researchers and providers (2011).
Report Children, Human Trafficking, Offender Accountability January 27, 2023
The stereotyped offender: Domestic violence & the failure of intervention
This article delves into the historical context of batterer stereotypes, and suggests limits to our understanding of IPV offenders (2015).
Report DV, Offender Accountability, Offenders, Systemic Change January 27, 2023
The need for accountability to, and support for, children of men on domestic violence perpetrator programs
This U.K. study is based on a survey of 44 domestic violence services and 73 interviews with men who were in, or had completed, a program to explore possible positive outcomes for children (2013).
Report Children, DV, Interviews, Offender Accountability, Offenders, Systemic Change January 27, 2023
Motivating perpetrators of domestic & family violence to engage in behaviour change: The role of fatherhood
This paper looks at the impact of children on perpetrators' desire to change their behavior. The authors explore the role of fatherhood as a motivating factor for offenders to engage in behavior change programs (2016).
Report Children, DV, Offender Accountability, Offenders January 27, 2023
Current research on batterer intervention programs and implications for policy
This paper reviews existing research of BIPP programs and examines what causes IPV and how its reflected in models and curriculum. 
Academic Article DV, Offender Accountability, Offenders January 27, 2023
Countering Confusion about the Duluth Model
This report analyzes batterer treatment models, specifically the Duluth Model, which has received intense criticism over the years.
Report Children, Human Trafficking, Offender Accountability January 27, 2023
Controversies in batterer intervention programs: Doing good, well
This article examines a specific BIPP model, the Duluth Model.  The authors focus on the program's implementation in Ann Arbor, Micihigan, commenting on its efficacy and methodology (2017).
Report DV, Offender Accountability, Offenders January 27, 2023
Checklist to promote perpetrator accountability in dependency cases involving domestic violence
This extensive checklist provides assistance to judges, in order for them to enhance decision-making, tailor service plans to hold perpetrators accountable, evaluate perpetrator treatment options, etc.
TTA Agency DV, Judges, Offender Accountability, Offenders, Prosecution January 25, 2023
Achieving accountability in domestic violence cases: A practical guide for reducing domestic violence
This paper raises the question of how to hold perpetrators accountable. Often times, the perception exists that victim reluctance is the problem in DV case outcomes. However, the authors seek to uncover who is in the best position to hold these batterers accountable (2005).
DV, Judges, Offender Accountability, Offenders, Systemic Change, Victims January 25, 2023
A Comparison of the Batterer Intervention & Prevention Program with Alternative Court Dispositions on 12-Month Recidivism
This study examined the effectiveness of batterer intervention and prevention programs (BIPP) for cases assigned to a misdemeanor family court (2015).
Report Advocacy, Human Trafficking, Offender Accountability January 25, 2023