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Resource Library

This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

Transgender Survivors: A road map through rural and urban communities to improve services and advocacy
This webinar will define statistics regarding the transgender community and the barriers to gaining access to care. Resources are discussed to help break down the barriers.
Webinar Advocacy, LGBTQ+ September 8, 2023
What advocates need to know about law enforcement’s role (Part 1: CCR problem-solving series: The role of law enforcement)
Part 1 of this BWJP webinar series discusses the role of law enforcement in response to IPV, and the relationship between advocacy groups and police officers (2017).
Webinar Disabilities, DV Awareness Month, LGBTQ+, Offender Accountability March 14, 2023
Victim-centered interviewing for probation
This BWJP webinar offers ways in which interviews with traumatized individuals can be structured to prevent re-victimization and vicarious trauma (2016).
Webinar Body Cams, Investigation, LGBTQ+ March 14, 2023
The ruralness of domestic & intimate partner violence: Prevalence, provider knowledge gaps, & healthcare costs
This study compares rates of domestic violence among rural and non-rural areas.Additionally, it looks at gaps in provider knowledge and how that negatively impacts victims and survivors (2018).
Academic Article Burnout, CCR, LGBTQ+ March 14, 2023
The power of probation
This article provides an explanation of probation officers' powers, as well as benefits for abuse survivors once their abuser is put on probation (2017).
Blog DV Awareness Month, LGBTQ+ March 14, 2023
Rural community toolbox
This website offers various federal resources that can help rural communities become strong, healthy, prosperous, and resilient places to live and work (Uploaded 2020).
TTA Agency LGBTQ+, Sexual Assault, Stalking February 22, 2023
Rapid Re-Housing
This webinar from the National Alliance for Safe Housing examines how housing first and rapid re-housing models can be adapted for domestic and sexual violence survivors. We explore effective approaches employed by a growing number of victim service programs to lower barriers for survivors accessing housing assistance, as well as what we're learning about their impact (2018).
Webinar Animal Abuse, LGBTQ+ February 22, 2023
Coordinated Entry Best Practices: Spotlight on Rural Communities
This webinar from the National Alliance for Safe Housing presents a snapshot from two communities working to meet the housing needs of survivors in their rural areas (2018).
Webinar Animal Abuse, LGBTQ+ February 1, 2023
Advocate lessons: How law enforcement responds to & investigates domestic violence cases (Part 2: CCR problem-solving series: The role of law enforcement)
Part 2 of this BWJP webinar series explores law enforcement's initial response to DV cases, as well as how they implement legal concepts and learned strategies into real world cases (2017).
Webinar Disabilities, DV Awareness Month, LGBTQ+ February 1, 2023
“I just keep my antennae out”: How rural primary care physicians respond to intimate partner violence (IPV)
This study assesses the opinions and practices of primary care physicians caring for rural women with regard to IPV identification. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with family practitioners and Ob-Gyns in rural, central Pennsylvania, and were analyzed for major themes (2015).
Academic Article Burnout, CCR, LGBTQ+ February 1, 2023
Recognizing, treating, & preventing trauma in LGBTQ youth
This article provides an overview of trauma as well as experiences of traumas specific to LGBTQ youth (2017).
Report LGBTQ+, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Systemic Change, Technology, Teen Dating Violence January 27, 2023
LGBTQ issues in teen dating violence
This fact sheet reports on the issues faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in teen dating violence relationships (Uploaded 2018).
Report DV, LGBTQ+, Teen Dating Violence January 27, 2023
Intimate partner violence among LGBTQ+ college students
This document provides the rates and patterns of IPV among LGBTQ+ and responses by collegiate institutions (2014).
Report Campus Safety, DV, LGBTQ+, Teen Dating Violence January 27, 2023
Dating violence experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth
This paper examines physical, psychological, sexual, and technological dating violence experiences among LGBTQ+ youth as compared to heterosexual youth.
Academic Article DV, LGBTQ+, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Technology, Teen Dating Violence January 27, 2023
Barriers to help seeking for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, & queer survivors of intimate partner violence
This document suggests three major barriers to seeking help for LGBTQ+ survivors of IPV (2015).
Report Advocacy, DV, Law Enforcement, LGBTQ+ January 25, 2023
Addressing intimate partner violence in lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender patients
This article highlights the burden of IPV in LGBTQ+ relationships, and how IPV in the LGBTQ+ community differs from that in the heterosexual community (2011).
Academic Article DV, LGBTQ+ January 25, 2023
A campus LGBTQ community’s sexual violence & stalking expriences: The contribution of a pro-abuse peer support
This article presents data on ways in which negative peer support contributes to sexual violence and stalking in a campus LGBTQ community (2017).
Report Advocacy, Campus Safety, DV, LGBTQ+, Offenders, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Teen Dating Violence January 25, 2023