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This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

What is the link?
This post discusses the link between animal abuse and domestic abuse, and provides suggestions for professional intervention (Uploaded 2018).
Blog Collaboration, DV Awareness Month March 14, 2023
The power of probation
This article provides an explanation of probation officers' powers, as well as benefits for abuse survivors once their abuser is put on probation (2017).
Blog DV Awareness Month, LGBTQ+ March 14, 2023
The link: Domestic violence & animal abuse
This article states that 50-75% of female DV survivors with pets reported the animals were threatened, harmed, or killed by the abuser. By understanding the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence, professionals can help survivors more effectively (2017).
Blog Collaboration, DV Awareness Month March 14, 2023
The intersections of disability & violence
This article explores the facts behind abuse towards people with disabilities, and how it can differ from abuse among non-disabled individuals (2018).
Blog Body Cams, DV, DV Awareness Month March 14, 2023
Teen dating violence
This fact page provides information on teen dating violence, and what laws exist to prevent it in each state (2017).
Blog Homicide, Personal Stories March 14, 2023
Remote controlled: Domestic abuse through technology
This article reports on the various techniques used to abuse victims digitally when they are not present in the home or nearby area. Because of new apps and integrated platforms, abusers can now control thermostats, televisions, music, and lights, all from a distance using a cell phone (2018).
Blog DV, Offenders, Stalking, Technology February 22, 2023
Quick guide: Domestic violence & sexual abuse
This short article provides details about the intersection between domestic violence and sexual abuse, giving several statistics as well as external resource links (2018).
Blog DV, Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault Awareness Month February 22, 2023
Domestic violence called ‘latest battleground’ in tribal justice
This report summarizes the jurisdictional issues facing tribal courts after the 2013 reauthorization of VAWA, primarily in DV cases involving non-Native Americans (2018).
Blog Animal Abuse, DV Awareness Month, Juries, Personal Stories, Risk Assessment/LAP February 2, 2023
Domestic violence & the LGBTQ community
This NCADV resource provides information and statistics on LGBTQ victims of domestic violence, highlighting that abuse exists everywhere, regardless of sexual orientation.
Blog Body Cams, DV Awareness Month, Mental Health February 2, 2023
During Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month #TDVAM, we want to highlight statistics of adolescent victims in #rural areas to raise awareness of this terrifying reality they face. Want to know more? Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar announcement…
This post examines the various religious barriers that inhibit victims from seeking help, including traditional gender roles, misused Bible verses, and emphasis on suffering (2016).
Blog DV Awareness Month, Specialized Courts February 2, 2023
Abuse & Mental Illness: Is there a connection?
This article dispels the myth that abusers harm their partners because they are suffering from a mental illness. While mental illness can play a role in abusive relationships, the author states that abusive behavior and mental illness are two separate entities in an intimate partner relationship (2015).
Blog Advocacy, DV, Mental Health, Offenders February 1, 2023
A Rural Barrier
This article focuses on isolation as the core barrier facing victims of domestic violence in rural areas. The study uses evidence from several nationwide reports on rural domestic violence (2015).
Blog Body Cams, DV Awareness Month, Rural, Sexual Assault February 1, 2023
A day in the life of an APS worker in rural America
This article examines the role of APS workers in rural America, the extensive problem of elder abuse and neglect, and the difficulty of investigating these crimes in rural areas (2017).
Blog Advocacy, Elder Abuse, Personal Stories, Rural, Victims February 1, 2023
Mental health consequences & risk factors of physical intimate partner violence
This study focuses solely on physical IPV by males, and addresses the mental health consequences faced by victims (2016).
Blog DV, Mental Health, Victims January 27, 2023
Pregnant women are at increased risk of domestic violence in all cultural groups
This article examines domestic violence in relation to pregnancy, showing that women having a subsequent child are more likely to disclose violence than first-time mothers. The paper also details how abuse varies among various ethnic groups (2018).
Blog Body Cams, DV Awareness Month, Prostitution January 24, 2023