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Resource Library

This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

Enhancing Language Access in Rural Communities
Crime victims who are limited English proficient (LEP) or use different modes of communication such as sign language need meaningful, effective, and equal access to crime victim services and criminal justice supports. This webinar will address the barriers victims who are LEP or use different modes of communication encounter and how to enhance their access to justice in rural communities.
Webinar Cultural Issues, Immigration, Immigration Awareness Month, Rural, Tribal Issues September 8, 2023
Rural Sexual Assault Response Teams
The Sexual Violence Justice Institute a program of the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault will present on building a baseline knowledge of systems-change sexual assault response teams (SARTs). The training will also provide SARTs with the knowledge and tools for effective multidisciplinary teamwork.
Webinar Rural, Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault Awareness Month September 8, 2023
Rural Collaborations to End Teen Dating Violence
Collaborative efforts are essential to end teen dating violence. While many collaborative teams and service providers were initially created with adult survivors in mind, it’s important to understand the unique needs and barriers young survivors face. This session will help collaborative teams assess readiness for working with and serving youth, and includes tools, reflection questions, and suggested protocols for collaborative, community-based efforts to address teen dating violence in rural communities. Special attention is given to meaningful integration of young people into collaborative work.
Webinar Collaboration, Rural, Teen Dating Violence, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month September 8, 2023
Opiod Use & Domestic Violence in Rural Communities
This presentation will describe a community-based participatory research project to understand rural Vermont residents’ experiences of co-occurring opioid use and intimate partner violence. This multi-stage and multi-method project involved a qualitative needs assessment with a community sample of people with lived experience of opioid use and partner violence, a community brainstorming event, the development of an online cross-training for peer recovery coaches and survivor advocates, and evaluation of the cross-training curriculum. Dr. Stone and Ms. Kinney will also discuss other challenges and opportunities related to the project and to meeting the needs of rural residents seeking safety and recovery.
Webinar Alcohol/Drugs, DV, DV Awareness Month, Rural September 8, 2023
Core Strategies to Reduce Systemic Inequities for All Survivors in Rural Communities
Coordinated community responses (CCRs) to domestic violence have been successful over the past forty years in leveraging the criminal legal system to hold abusers accountable and send messages of help to survivors. Although some survivors have found safety, many others have, in fact, been negatively impacted by systemic intervention. In rural communities, such inequities can result when law enforcement is ill-equipped to meet the communication needs of Deaf survivors or when shelters are unprepared to meet the needs of survivors with mental illnesses. Rural CCRs need practical, concrete tools and strategies to identify and reduce systemic inequities so that ALL survivors in their communities experience increased safety, help, and support.
Webinar CCR, Rural, Systemic Change, Victims September 8, 2023
Violence and abuse in rural America
This online guide addresses the wide range of abuses that take place in rural communities. Statistics for homicide, sexual crimes, domestic violence, and others are provided and explained (2017).
Report DV, Homicide, Rural, Sexual Assault, Weapons March 14, 2023
Rural Behavioral Health Webinars
The Rural Behavior Webinar Series provides resources and information on how to approach mental health in rural communities, and the obstacles that plague that demographic (2019).
Webinar Mental Health, Neurobiology, Rural, Systemic Change February 22, 2023
Human trafficking lurks in rural areas
This article examines human trafficking in rural America, providing clues for detection as well as plans of action (2018).
Report Human Trafficking, Rural February 21, 2023
Elder abuse in Indian country
This webinar, presented by the National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative, explores elder abuse in Indian Country, as well as best practices to detect and investigate it (2017).
Webinar Elder Abuse, Rural, Tribal Issues, Victims February 2, 2023
Collaborating to address trafficking in rural communities: Lessons from the field
This Futures Without Violence webinar focuses on trafficking in rural areas, and how collaboration can facilitate more effective investigations and prosecution. (2016).
Webinar Collaboration, Human Trafficking, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Rural February 1, 2023
Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault in Rural Areas
This article discusses obstacles to reporting sexual assault in rural areas and the need for more research concerning sexual assault in these communities (2009).
Article Advocacy, Investigation, Medical, Prosecution, Rural, Sexual Assault, Systemic Change February 1, 2023
A Rural Barrier
This article focuses on isolation as the core barrier facing victims of domestic violence in rural areas. The study uses evidence from several nationwide reports on rural domestic violence (2015).
Blog Body Cams, DV Awareness Month, Rural, Sexual Assault February 1, 2023
A day in the life of an APS worker in rural America
This article examines the role of APS workers in rural America, the extensive problem of elder abuse and neglect, and the difficulty of investigating these crimes in rural areas (2017).
Blog Advocacy, Elder Abuse, Personal Stories, Rural, Victims February 1, 2023
Sex trafficking & rural communities: A review of the literature
This literature review examines recent studies on rural human trafficking, and provides recommendations and implications for future research, policy, and practice (2017).
Academic Article Advocacy, Human Trafficking, Rural January 27, 2023
Rural survivors and economic security
This policy brief focuses on rural survivors of domestic and sexual violence and how the characteristics of rural life have an effect on the survivor's ability to be economically secure and access safety (2013).
Report DV, Rural, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Teen Dating Violence January 27, 2023
Rural Domestic & Sexual Abuse Program Advocates: Making a Difference in the Lives of Older Survivors of Abuse
This paper provides rural domestic and sexual abuse service programs with possible resources and tools to effectively respond to elder abuse. Definitions of elder abuse are given, as well as ideas and perspectives for serving older victims (September 2013).
Advocacy, Children, Elder Abuse, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Immigration Awareness Month, Interviews, Rural, Technology January 27, 2023
Rural community violence
This paper focuses rural community violence and the root causes that plague so many communities. The study asserts that the lack of attention to this violence is a misperception that the violence is non-existent or less serious in rural communities (2016).
Report DV, Homicide, Rural, Sexual Assault January 27, 2023
Intimate partner violence in urban, rural, & remote areas: An investigation of offense severity & risk factors
Although this study primarily takes place in Sweden, it compares the severity of IPV and the relationship between risk factors for IPV and overall risk judgments of future IPV in urban, rural, and remote areas (2018).
Report DV, Offenders, Risk Assessment/LAP, Rural January 27, 2023
Intimate partner violence in rural U.S. areas: What every nurse should know
This article describes the unique aspects of intimate partner violence in rural populations. It also describes a simple screening tool that can be used in various settings (2014).
Report DV, Medical, Rural January 27, 2023
Intimate partner violence in rural low-income families: Correlates & change in prevalence over the first 5 years of a child’s life
This paper examines the prevalence, severity, and chronicity of IPV occurring in a high-risk sample (2016).
Academic Article Children, DV, Risk Assessment/LAP, Rural January 27, 2023
Intimate Partner Violence in Rural America
Despite the alarming rates of IPV across the U.S., women in rural areas face obstacles that impair their ability to get help. Lack of an adequate health care and criminal justice system are barriers for these victims of domestic violence. This study examines the many challenges that rural victims face, and how to create a coordinated, systemic change in rural America (March 2015).
Report Advocacy, Children, Elder Abuse, Immigration Awareness Month, Interviews, Military, Prosecution, Rural, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Technology January 27, 2023
Domestic homicide risk factors: Rural & urban considerations
This Ontario-based study examines 132 domestic homicide cases to determine the differences between rural and urban risk factors (2015).
Report Alcohol/Drugs, DV, Homicide, Offenders, Risk Assessment/LAP, Rural, Weapons January 27, 2023