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Resource Library

This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

What we know about victims of sexual assault in rural America
This survey explores the statistics and demographics behind recent sexual assault cases. The data helps professionals and bystanders understand who these victims are and how they respond to being attacked (2018).
Report Bystander Intervention, Bystanders, Sexual Assault, Victims March 14, 2023
The Safe Shelter Collaborative
The Safe Shelter Collaborative allows advocates to communicate with each other to determine where there are available beds. If no space is available, a request for funding for a night at a hotel can be sent out through the associated app, SafeNight (2019).
Service Provider Advocacy, Bystander Intervention, Bystanders, Collaboration, Victims March 14, 2023
Marital rape: The long arch of sexual violence against women & girls
This paper studies the problem of marital rape in a variety of countries, and examines how legal systems and political actors contribute to shaming and stigmatization in cases of rape (2016).
Report Bystander Intervention, Bystanders, Cultural Issues, Judges, Legislation, Sexual Assault, Systemic Change, Victims January 27, 2023
Community policing & victim services in Texas
This report explains how community policing may enhance services to victims by defining community policing (2011).
Report Advocacy, Bystander Intervention, Bystanders, Collaboration, DV, Texas Specific January 27, 2023