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This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

Trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, & eating disorders
Traumatic events, especially those involving violence between people, have been found to be significant risk factors for the development of a variety of psychiatric disorders, including eating disorders—particularly those involving bulimic symptoms, such as binge eating and purging (2017).
Article Animal Abuse, CCR, Immigration, Mental Health March 14, 2023
The influence of abuse & trauma on eating disorders
This article examines the relationship between childhood abuse and eating disorders. Treatment for someone who has an eating disorder and is also a survivor of abuse must take all issues into account (2020).
Article Animal Abuse, Burnout, Campus Safety Awareness Month, Immigration Awareness Month March 14, 2023
Preventing & responding to domestic violence in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) communities
LGBTQ survivors face significant barriers to accessing services, and also experience high rates of violence. This collection of resources draws from the work of U.S. leaders who focus specifically on the issue of domestic violence within the LGBTQ community (2019).
Article Animal Abuse, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Stalking February 22, 2023
Police decision-making factors in domestic violence cases
This paper examines how officers think about domestic violence situations, as well as how they interpret conflicting stories to arrive at their decisions regarding whether and whom to arrest (Uploaded 2020).
Article Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Stalking February 22, 2023
Native American women still have the highest rates of rape & assault
This article examines the prevalence of rape and assault among Native American and Alaskan women (2016).
Article Animal Abuse, Risk Assessment/LAP, Stalking Log February 22, 2023
Fraud & abusive schemes information for Indian tribal governments
This site contains information from the Office of Indian Tribal Governments, which has identified various abuses and schemes that cause financial risk to the tribes and their tribal members (2019).
Article Animal Abuse, Risk Assessment/LAP February 21, 2023
Exposure to violence linked to suicidal behavior
This webpage examines the correlation between intimate partner violence, mental illness, and suicidality among men, women, and children (Uploaded 2020).
Article Animal Abuse, CCR, Immigration Awareness Month February 21, 2023
Deaf survivors of domestic & sexual violence
This website offers various resources for Deaf survivors of domestic and sexual violence (Uploaded 2020).
Article Animal Abuse, CCR, Children, Mental Health February 2, 2023
Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault in Rural Areas
This article discusses obstacles to reporting sexual assault in rural areas and the need for more research concerning sexual assault in these communities (2009).
Article Advocacy, Investigation, Medical, Prosecution, Rural, Sexual Assault, Systemic Change February 1, 2023
“Assault and battery” in the delivery room: The disturbing trend of obstetric violence
This article discusses the unnecessary, violent procedures used during childbirth, resulting in decreased agency for patients and the delivery of lower-quality care (2018).
Article Animal Abuse, Body Cams, Burnout, Mental Health February 1, 2023
Domestic Violence in Rural Communities
Domestic violence courts' key principles are transferable to rural and suburban dockets. This paper illustrates how to integrate key domestic violence court principles into local practice (2005).
Article Advocacy, Children, Expert Witnesses, FRTs, High Risk Team, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Immigration Awareness Month January 27, 2023
“It felt like I had been violated”: How obstetric violence can traumatize patients
This article discusses the trauma that comes after obstetric violence. These violence deliveries are, in part, driven by a legal environment that pushes physicians to conduct unnecessary interventions and make decisions that disregard the mother's desires (2019).
Article Animal Abuse, Body Cams, Burnout, Mental Health January 24, 2023