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Multicultural awareness & competence in counseling
This Genesis Women's Shelter & Support webinar discusses the importance of multicultural awareness and how to ensure your agency and staff are using best practices when working with clients of various backgrounds and ethnicities (Uploaded 2020).
Webinar Advocacy, Family Justice Center, Immigration Awareness Month February 22, 2023
Latin & intimate partner violence: Evidence-based facts
This study examines the current data on intimate partner violence in Latin@ populations (2019).
Animal Abuse, CCR, Family Justice Center February 22, 2023
IACP Communities of Color Toolkit
This toolkit collects some of the most successful strategies, and tools for engaging communities of color, here defined as people of African, Latino or Hispanic, Native American, Asian, or Pacific Island descent.
Toolkit Elder Abuse, Family Justice Center, Stalking February 21, 2023
Facts & stats report, updated & expanded 2020: Domestic violence in Asian & Pacific Islander homes
This report raises awareness about the experiences of Asian & Pacific Islander survivors of domestic violence and emphasizes the need for socio-culturally effective prevention and intervention(2020).
Report CCR, Family Justice Center, Stalking February 21, 2023