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This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

Teen dating violence
This fact page provides information on teen dating violence, and what laws exist to prevent it in each state (2017).
Blog Homicide, Personal Stories March 14, 2023
Episode 13: Survivor leadership
Rebecca Bender is the founder and CEO of the Rebecca Bender Initiative. She is an award-winning, nationally recognized expert on human trafficking who escaped nearly six years of modern-day slavery evolving into an author, speaker, trainer and leader in human trafficking. Christine Cesa is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary with a Masters in Intercultural Studies with Children at Risk who serves as survivor advocate with CAST LA and Dignity Health responding to victims of violence and providing emergency services to survivors of human trafficking in the healthcare system. A survivor of commercial sexual exploitation of children, specifically familial trafficking, Christine is a survivor leader whose work includes training, curriculum development and partnering with anti-trafficking organizations in Los Angeles. Content warnings for this episode include sexual abuse (2020).
Podcast Collaboration, Human Trafficking, Personal Stories February 21, 2023
Episode 12: Why labels matter: The dangers of casual diagnoses in abusive relationships
We talk today with Julie Owens, a victim advocate who survived the domestic violence of attempted murder. For three decades she has consulted and trained nationally and internationally for organizations, governments, and professionals. She created a domestic violence crisis team for ERs and a transitional shelter before directing DV trauma therapy research at the National Center for PTSD. Julie consults and trains independently for organizations including the Office for Victims of Crime, the National Human Trafficking Center, and Bank of America. Her focus is survivor-centered, trauma informed victim advocacy in secular and faith-based settings. Content warnings for this episode include abuse, physical and sexual violence (2020).
Podcast DV, Mental Health, Personal Stories, Systemic Change February 2, 2023
Domestic violence called ‘latest battleground’ in tribal justice
This report summarizes the jurisdictional issues facing tribal courts after the 2013 reauthorization of VAWA, primarily in DV cases involving non-Native Americans (2018).
Blog Animal Abuse, DV Awareness Month, Juries, Personal Stories, Risk Assessment/LAP February 2, 2023
Domestic Violence & People with Disabilities
This fact sheet details the red flags that indicate if abuse is occurring towards a disabled individual. The Americans with Disabilities Act is also reviewed, and provides suggestions for action and prevention (Uploaded 2018).
Fact Sheet Body Cams, DV, DV Awareness Month, Personal Stories, Victims February 2, 2023
A day in the life of an APS worker in rural America
This article examines the role of APS workers in rural America, the extensive problem of elder abuse and neglect, and the difficulty of investigating these crimes in rural areas (2017).
Blog Advocacy, Elder Abuse, Personal Stories, Rural, Victims February 1, 2023