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Resource Library

This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

When pregnancy triggers violence
This article discusses the prevalence of DV among pregnant women, affecting about 300,000 individuals each year in the U.S. This paper details the reasons for increased abuse during pregnancy, and what prenatal specialists are doing to reduce violence (2015).
Fact Sheet Body Cams, DV Awareness Month, Prostitution March 14, 2023
Rural Communities
This PCADV fact sheet details the barriers facing rural victims of domestic violence. National resources are also provided, with recent research to supplement the information. Although based in Pennsylvania, this domestic violence coalition provides accurate and detailed information for victims from across the United States.
Fact Sheet Body Cams, DV Awareness Month, Sexual Assault February 22, 2023
Intimate partner violence & suicide prevention fact sheet
This fact sheet examines the risk factors of intimate partner violence and suicide among Veterans, and offers resources for awareness and prevention (Uploaded 2020).
Fact Sheet CCR, Immigration Awareness Month, Interviews, Stalking February 22, 2023
Domestic Violence & People with Disabilities
This fact sheet details the red flags that indicate if abuse is occurring towards a disabled individual. The Americans with Disabilities Act is also reviewed, and provides suggestions for action and prevention (Uploaded 2018).
Fact Sheet Body Cams, DV, DV Awareness Month, Personal Stories, Victims February 2, 2023
Animal Cruelty & Domestic Violence
This article examines the research that shows the link between cruelty to animals and violence toward humans (Uploaded 2018).
Fact Sheet Collaboration, DV Awareness Month February 1, 2023
Current evidence: Intimate partner violence, trauma-related mental health conditions, & chronic illness
This information sheet presents current evidence on the physical and mental consequences of IPV (2014).
Fact Sheet DV, Medical, Mental Health, Neurobiology, Sexual Assault, Victims January 27, 2023