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This Resource Library is affiliated with ICCR and NTCCAW and includes topics that are beneficial to all CCAW programs.

Understanding the Experiences & Needs of Older Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence
This webinar will highlight the results from a study, Older Victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence: Understanding Gaps in Systems Responses and Community Services in Texas, conducted by the University of Central Florida and the University of Texas Medical Branch Center for Violence Prevention. This project, a collaboration with Texas Council on Family Violence and Texas Association Against Family Violence, assesses the needs and experiences of female-identified Texas survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, aged 50 and older, and offers recommendations and promising practices for supporting older survivors.
Webinar DV, DV Awareness Month, Elder Abuse, Elder Abuse Awareness Month, Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault Awareness Month September 8, 2023
The abuse intervention model: A pragmatic approach to intervention for elder mistreatment
This webinar, hosted by the National Center on Elder Abuse, discusses new methods for intervention in elder abuse cases, and how to effectively approach the issue as a whole (2017).
Webinar DV, Elder Abuse, Elder Abuse Awareness Month March 14, 2023
Texas Elder Abuse & Mistreatment Institute
The TEAM Institute strives to improve and protect the lives of mistreated elders through clinical care and forensic assessment, education, research and justice.
Service Provider Elder Abuse, Elder Abuse Awareness Month March 14, 2023
National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative
The National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative addresses the lack of culturally-appropriate information and materials on elder abuse and exploitation in Indian Country (Uploaded 2019).
Service Provider Animal Abuse, Elder Abuse Awareness Month February 22, 2023
National Center on Elder Abuse
The NCEA serves as a national resource center dedicated to the prevention of elder abuse. The organization disseminates elder abuse information to professionals and the public, and provides training to states and community organizations.
TTA Agency Elder Abuse, Elder Abuse Awareness Month February 22, 2023
Elder abuse: An approach to identification, assessment, & intervention
This review examines the risk factors for elder abuse, as well as recommendations for physician intervention (2015).
Academic Article Elder Abuse Awareness Month, Expert Witnesses January 27, 2023
Control Wheel for Elder Abuse
Graphic Elder Abuse, Elder Abuse Awareness Month January 27, 2023